Cold Spark Machine Replacement Granules Cap

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Cold Spark Machine Granules Replacement Cap / Lid for iSparkFX, Prox Blitzz / Pro Blitzz, and similar style cold spark fountains.

Replacement cold spark replacement screw cap for spark machines that need a new lid (that screws into granule filling port).


Cold Spark Machine missing a cap? Cap broken? This cold spark replacement cap  (also called Granules Screw Cap or Granules Lid) is available here.

More Info: We have a full video library here: https://Youtube.com/CryoFX


Note: CryoFX® does not discuss details regarding repairs on the phone as the variance in machines, models, and possibilities is too vast therefore we provide information on our Youtube channel and herein regarding which machines this works with. If you still would like more information, you can contact us via email or through our website for more information.

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