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This is the CO2 Cylinder Backpack which allows you to go mobile with your CryoFX CO2 Cannon, Cryo Gun, or CO2 Bazooka. Designed to hold an Aluminum 10 or 20 lb Co2 Cylinder, this Co2 Backpack allows you to go anywhere without limitations...and without tripping over a Co2 Hose!

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Description / CO2 Backpack

Attention: Only for use with an ALUMINUM 10lb or 20lb Co2 Cylinder.

Used in conjunction with a 10 or 20lb Aluminum CO2 tank, this backpack allows you to strap your 10lb or 20lb CO2 tank right to your back. Simply strap the backpack onto the CO2 tank and then strap the backpack onto your back! This backpack can carry up to a 20lb Aluminum CO2 Tank. These CO2 Backpacks are used in stage productions, nightclubs, bars, live performances, concerts, haunted houses, special events and much more. Special Effects CO2 / Cryo is similar to fog but does not linger like fog, does not leave a residue or weird smell, or set off fire alarms.

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Co2 Backpack for Handheld Co2 Cannon

The co2 backpack cannon is a CO2 cannon that is fitted with a CO2 tank backpack. The 

Backpack is special and is used for a Co2 tank to make the tank mobile so that the operator can use it with a Co2 Cannon anywhere they want without limitation of mobility.


It eliminates the limitation of mobility to the hose length when connected to a stationary CO2 tank.


The packages purchased from CryoFX have led customers to ask for a “Co2 backpack cannon, leading to an increase in its demand.


The CryoFX co2 backpack cannon can be described as safe and secure.


The CryoFX co2 backpack cannon comes with adjustable waist and chest straps that allow secure fit onto the body of user.


The co2 backpack cannon is designed to hold the tank upside down to keep the tank valve away from the head/ neck and allow the hose to channel around the body towards the hands of the operator of the co2 backpack cannon.


The custom metal clamp is designed to hold the tank valve in place for additional security. This way, the tank will not slip through the center strap.


The CO2 back pack by CryoFX allows mobility. It allows you to go mobile with your CO2 canon and CO2 gun with absolutely no limitation or a possibility of tripping over the hose pipe. CryoFX guarantees convenience, freedom and safety.

 It comes with a CO2 backpack manual, safety guidelines and frequently asked questions (FAQ) sheet, twelve months warranty against operational or mechanical defects, timely customer service through phone, text and mail. The CO2 tank and CO2 are excluded from the CO2 backpack cannon package.

How to use a CO2  backpack & Co2 Cannon

It is used together with a 20lb or 10lb CO2 tank. The co2 backpack is used by the operator strapping a CO2 tank right to his back.

You simply have to strap the backpack on to the CO2 tank then strap the backpack onto your back. Note that the CO2 backpack can only carry up to a maximum of 20lb

The CO2 backpack is used in stage productions, night clubs, live performances, concerts, live performances, bars, haunted houses, special effects etc.

The CO2 backpack weighs approximately 8 pounds with a dimension of 6 by 14 by 24 inches. The shipping weight of the CO2 backpack is 12 pounds.  The CO2 back pack by CryoFX allows mobility. It allows you to go mobile with your CO2 canon and CO2 gun.

CryoFX offers the following backpack packages;

  • The Cryo gun and CO2 backpack

This is one of the most selling co2 backpack cannon packages by CryoFX. It works perfectly with mobile production or any DJ system. Settling for this package is a direct guarantee of complete flexibility and maneuverability without a possibility of tripping on hoses.

Costing around $599, this package weighs 4.53kgs making it favorable to be used anywhere. This complete pack includes;

  • CO2 backpack
  • A handheld Cryo gun
  • A branded hose pipe by CryoFX measuring 1.52 meters
  • A manual, safety guidelines and a set of frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • One year warranty that covers operational and mechanical defects of the backpack.
  • Limited lifetime warranty to cover the Cryo Gun
  • A brass fitting to connect hose to CO2 tank 


  • The Backpack+ 5lb tank package

This co2 backpack cannon package allows its user mobility with his airbrush system or any other system that uses CO2 in small amounts. This package is designed to hold a 5lb to 10lb aluminum co2 cannon. This particular package is used in night clubs, bars, live performances, expos, special events or anywhere where a mobile airbrush is needed. For inquiries and orders, send an email to [email protected] or call +1-8-555-527-9639

  • CryoFX Cryo gun  + backpack + tank

This co2 backpack cannon package is a complete mobile Cryo System.  It is so far the most sought after CryoFX co2 backpack cannon package in the market. With this package, you simply have to get the tank filled with CO2 and you will be ready to use it in minutes.

This co2 backpack cannon package is only available in the USA, Mexico, South America and Canada. The CO2 tank included in this package does not work outside the mentioned regions. This package comes with the following;

  • A handheld Cryogun fitted with a 10 inches nozzle, with attached quick disconnect fitting.
  • A 20 pound Aluminum standard non-siphon tube CO2 tank
  • A CryoFX Brand high pressure hose
  • Backpack to support a 10lb or 20lb CO2 tank
  • Manual, safety guidelines and a FAQ sheet
  • A 1 year warranty against operational or mechanical defects to cover the CO2 backpack
  • A limited lifetime warranty against operational/ mechanical defects that covers the CO2 gun only.
  • A CGA-320 CO2 Fitting that is used to connect the hose to the CO2 tank to be used in Canada, USA, Mexico, South America.

This package is easy to use, light weight and compact. It is designed for ease of use and very quick set up. All its parts are pre-installed hence it is convenient for the user. It is important to note that the CO2 tanks are shipped empty. Therefore, the price of CO2 is not included. Filling the tank will only cost you around $20 depending on certain areas and locations\.

This package is used for any DJ system or mobile production.  This co2 backpack cannon package by CryoFX guarantees its users flexibility and maneuverability. Its light weight nature allows it to be used anywhere. It requires no electricity.

The gun used for this package has the ability to shoot CO2 clouds up to between 7-10 meters. This package comes with options such as custom nozzle colors, custom nozzle lengths, custom hose length and nozzle widths to add a touch of glam to your Cryogun. For custom orders, call +1-855-527-9639.

As discussed above, it is correct to conclude that CryoFX offers the best co2 backpack cannons at the best market price. Check www.cryofx.com for more information. Dial the above numbers for your customized orders and enquiries. Make the right decision, buy CryoFX’s co2 backpack cannon to enjoy mobility and convenience.

More Information

Weight (kgs) 1.5
Model Backpack
Length 4 inches (10.16cm)
Height 24 Inches (10.2cm)
Width No
Size and Type No
Linkable No
Power No
Range of Motion No
Tank Height No
Tank Width No
Tank Weight No
Tank Material No
Tank Color No
Tank Style No
Tank Capacity No
Tank Valve Outlet Orientation No
Temperature Rating No
LED Count No
LED Color No
LED Wattage No
Reach No
Nozzle Material Metal, ABS, Nylon
Pressure Rating No
Warranty 1 Year - Operational Defect
Warranty (Tank) No
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