CryoFX® Medium (Low) Output Co2 Valve Jet

CryoFX® Medium Low Output Co2 Valve Jet is the selected setup for a small Co2 Cannon that packs a huge punch. It's small, and light, footprint offers the ability to place it in small areas and tight spaces. Great for DIY Co2 Cannon projects, theaters, and all applications which require stealth or simplicity.

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Description / CryoFX® Medium (Low) Output Co2 Valve Jet

CryoFX® Medium Low Output Co2 Valve Jet is the perfect fit for any application requiring closer distance Co2 Plumes versus the large output from other CryoFX® valves. For the DIY Co2 Jet enthusiasts or industry professionals who are looking for a Co2 Cannon with medium range (lower end) output that fits in small spaces and is able to be concealed from the crowd easily.

CryoFX® High Output Co2 Valve Jet comes in the following power options:

• 110 VAC Co2 Valve
• 120 VAC Co2 Valve
• 220 VAC Co2 Valve
• 240 VAC Co2 Valve
• 12 VDC Co2 Valve
• 24 VDC Co2 Valve

This Co2 Valve Setup comes with the following:

• Co2 Valve unit with attached fitting (selectable) and base plate or angle bracket option for mounting (clamp also available)
• 3 Foot Pigtail Cable (DC Versions with 2 strand open ended & AC Versions with NEMA 5-15 (USA) Plug or CEE 7/7 (Non-USA) Plug)
• (Additional Option) CryoFX Brand High Pressure Hose with attached quick connect fitting
• (Additional Option) Brass fitting (to connect hose to Co2 Tank) (Tank NOT included)


This Co2 Valve setup uses power on/off for operation. If you need to control it via DMX, CryoFX® offers a special DMX Relay Control unit which works with all power setups specifically for all CryoFX® Valves.

This CryoFX® Medium Low Output Co2 Valve Jet shoots a 8'-20' foot (2.44-6.09 meters) high stream of Co2 which is about 2'-4' feet wide (depending on nozzle, humidity, and temperature)!

These CryoFX® Medium Low Output Co2 Valve Jets are used in stage productions, events, bars, live performances, concerts, haunted houses, theaters, special events and much more. They are similar to a fog machine but do not linger like fog, leave a residue or weird smell, or set off fire alarms. They also significantly cool down an area very quickly. The Co2 dissipates immediately after coming out of the gun so the cloud vanishes in seconds after the user stops activation.


Allowable Flow Rate:
We simplify this down from actual "Orifice Size" in which the orifice of a valve is the inner smallest opening in which fluid flows through. This is different than "Port Size" in which the ports are the connections on the sides of the valves for hoses, fittings etc. These are set at 1/4" for this valve as fittings options are available in this product.

The higher flow rate option here includes a larger orifice valve for more flow rate. The flow rate is 1.6x that of the original valve on this listing. 

If you want a larger plume, farther distance, you need more flow rate and also need more tanks connected to the system. Generally with Co2, 3 tanks into the valve or hose connected to the valve will max out the output. More than 3, only adds more bulk to the system, Less than 3, less flow, output, and bulk co2.

If you want a larger operating valve, we have other listings fior higher output. Simply put, if you want larger plumes and bigger output, we offer the "1.5x Standard Size Orifice" in which the orifice itself is 0.5x larger than the Standard Size Orifice Option, and still larger the "2x Standard Size Orifice" which is 2x the size of the Standard Size Orifice. When using these two larger options, we highly recommend using more than 3 tanks, and also a larger hose (or multiple hoses) in which we can assist with this as well. Just contact us via email.

This product may be built to order so lead time may vary.

Hose length is customizable. 

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