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CryoFX® Custom Built CO2 Special Effects System - Disneyland's Freeze the Night Custom Jets

CryoFX® Custom Built CO2 Special Effects System - Disneyland's Freeze the Night and Frozen The Musical


 CO2 Special Effect Cannon Jet System


CryoFX Custom CO2 Cannon Jet System


CryoFX CO2 Cannon Jet System Custom built and installed


CryoFX Custom Co2 Cannon Jet Systems



CryoFX Custom Co2 Cannon Jet System built and installed by Co2 Cryo Experts


CryoFX Co2 Cannon System Jets installed at Disneys Frozen Stage


Custom Co2 Cannon Jet Systems built and installed by CryoFX experts


CryoFX Co2 Special Effect Cannon Jet Systems


CryoFX Co2 Cannon Jet System installed and built by CryoFX




CryoFX the leader of Custom Co2 Jet Systems




Adding a Co2 Jet to a trumpet - Done! Wanting Co2 to shoot from your hands with minimal effort - Done! Need a completely designed Co2 Special Effects System with Emergency Stops, Gauges, and Valves to control 30 plus tanks- Done! You bring us the idea; CryoFX® will design the custom Co2 system. Whether a custom engraved logo on a Cryo Gun, or a full-blown Co2 Effects system, CryoFX® can handle your request.

CryoFX® can custom design any CO2 Cryo Jet or handgun system to fit the Special Effects you want to achieve for your event or concert.


We recently designed a top of the line CO2 Cryogenic Custom LED Jet System for Disneyland's Frozen the Concert, at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. More updates coming soon. Talk to us at 1-855-527-9639 or at 1-619-855-2796.

CryoFX® Worldwide Manufacturer & Supplier of custom Co2 Systems & Co2 Special Effects Equipment. We provide whats HOT in the industry, so you can COOL down your crowd when it gets HOT, or simply because it looks COOL. Single Co2 Cannon / Co2 Cannons to full Co2 Systems. Call Us at 855-527-9639 or 619-855-2796. cryofx llc   
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