CryoFX® CO2 Special Effects Equipment Distributors and Dealers

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CryoFX® prides itself in its brand and products. As a recognized world leader in CO2 Special Effects Products, CryoFX® likes to share this same pride with its CO2 Special Effects Equipment Dealers & Distributors around the world, by not only offering cutting edge products, but also including its Dealers & Distributors in a close family of the select few of the CryoFX® brand by providing:

▪ Exclusive CO2 Special Effects Equipment Dealer/Distributor pricing

▪ Customized accounts and terms to fit CO2 Special Effects Equipment Dealer/Distributor specifics

▪ Program options for drop shipping

▪ Specialized support around the clock via email, phone, text

▪ Periodic follow ups with a CryoFX® account representative

▪ Monthly reviews to discuss sales, marketing, and demographics

▪ CryoFX® updates on marketing strategies and tools used to target specific demographics

▪ Periodic customized videos provided by CryoFX® to aid in product marketing

▪ Periodic image updates for use with existing social media channels


“By creating a close family of  CryoFX® CO2 Special Effect Equipment Dealers/Distributors and offering your Dealers/Distributors the tools and gathered information you use to succeed in your specialty, the combination between their existing methods and the new tools and targeted info provided will only set the path for one result – Success!” – CryoFX® Founder & President


CryoFX® is currently accepting applications for our CO2 Special Effect Equipment Dealers & Distributors worldwide. If you are interested in becoming part of CryoFX® Elite CO2 Special Effects Equipment Dealer/Distributor network please contact using the form below. Examples of Dealers/Distributors are listed below for reference.


CryoFX® CO2 Special Effect Equipment Dealer, to include but not limited to:

▪ Installers

▪ Lighting Companies adding Co2 to Lighting Packages

▪ Production Companies

▪ Effects Companies

▪ Sound Companies

▪ DJ Companies

▪ Companies where retail or ecommerce sales is NOT the main source of income


CryoFX® Distributor, to include but not limited to:

▪ Brick & Mortar Retailers

▪ Special Effects Equipment Sales Companies

▪ DJ Equipment Sales Companies

▪ Warehouse Distributors

▪ Wholesalers

▪ Online Retailers

▪ Companies where retail or ecommerce sales IS the main source of income