Managing Expectations & Standards of Conduct

CryoFX® has created this page to publicly discuss and list expectations when interating with CryoFX®.

This includes managing expectations of clients who choose to interact with us and also CryoFX® as a company who conducts business with said clients. 

Since before the global pandemic, and even moreso during the last 2 years, expectations have greatly changed, and in some cases, have been quite interesting to say the least!

As such, we have collectively reviewed and discussed many items which we will publicly list here. This page is subject to change without notice at any time.

The overall purpose of this page and the content herein is not to:

  • offend,
  • upset,
  • disavow,
  • distract from, or
  • blame anything or anyone,

...but rather

  • insight into "how" and "why" we operate the way we do,
  • full transparency,
  • a gentle reminder, and
  • "grounding" of the facts presented here

...to keep in mind when conducting business with CryoFX®.


CryoFX® Standards of Conduct

When communicating with CryoFX® we advise those who communicate with us to follow the same manners and standards our staff is asked of. If during communication we have provided a link to this page only without any other reply, one of the following standards was most likely not followed:

  • Please do not display aggression - we will not respond where foul language or threats are used.
  • Please be polite - we're here to help, when polite, not when demands are made on initial contact to us.
  • Please do not expect CryoFX® to be like another business - we have our own policies, procedures, and way of business within the confines of the law. Expectations lead to a bad start, hence why this page is dedicated to them.
  • Please be clear and concise in all communication - we understand your time is valuable, and so is ours to serve everyone, therfore be clear and concise on your requests, communications and include all information the first time, so we wont have to ask over multiple messages, taking more time, from all!
  • Please reply in a timely manner, while noting our operating times, days, and operations mentioned herein and on CryoFX.com/shipping.
  • If we do not receive a full reply to a question asked, partial information in your reply, a negative reply, a reply which may violate security or raise concerns for security, or any other items which would be deemed bad service, bad business, or no reply at all within 48 hours from an operating day in which we sent our message, we will consider the conversation ended.


On our side we aim to:

  • Respond in a timely fashion (within timeframe our policies state)
  • Prioritise issues effectively
  • Solve your query as quickly as possible
  • Maximise the use of information from our Knowledge Base and FAQ / Video Sections to help you better understand items in which content applies
  • Be clear and concise in our communication
  • Be friendly and personable
  • Use data to identify common queries and build tools and solutions that make it easy for clients to make the most of CryoFX® products
  • In general, to provide a great Online Video Support service which viewers would recommend to others!


CryoFX® Company Operations

We are a modern & fluid operating business. What this means:

  • Order input vs number of staff to properly run the business (in house & contracted out) while maintaining efficiency without muda (Six Sigma Term for Waste).
  • As global conditions change so will we. Supply chain issues, availability, and operations (in house & outsourced) will continue to change and improve for CryoFX® to remain efficient.
  • Warehouse operational days, hours, company operational days, and operations whether made public or internal as a whole:
  • We will exercise what is needed to remain operational at all while reamining the most efficient in doing so.


Batch Processing / Grouping / Chunking

The items listed here are completed in batches with the intent of a "Timely Business Reply". As stated with CryoFX®, "Timely" means within business opertating hours, with respect to our operations and information on this page, and within a reasonable timeframe that is not out of the ordinary from our data KPIs.

We exercise Grouping and Chunking Tasks to ensure to most efficiency operating while remaining lean and highly functional in such operations:

  • Warehouse Days on specific days set per minimum and altered when uptick in orders comes in,
  • Invoicing at specific times during the day,
  • Email Replies (Unless Urgent) at specific times,
  • Voicemail Replies noted on the inbound message at specific times,
  • Texts Replies: We will not always reply right away as these are also grouped.


We are NOT Amazon.

  • Although we would love to be, expecting the same policies as Amazon offers here unfortunately won't work.
  • Many products and systems are custom, and those that aren't are certified safe and tested by pressurized systems which may use specific gas or fluids to do so. Because of this, our policies are such listed on the footer of our website.


CryoFX® is only as good as our vendors, suppliers, and those in our upstream that have their own operating conditions we must abide by. We vet suppliers specifically, and in doing so, we must take into consideration the global conditions that affects everyone, therefore our customers must as well. 


CryoFX® is a hands on, working class business. All in house staff work within the event and entertainment world as well as aid in running the company. We also have many contractors around the globe that aid as well outside the entertainment space, there's a reason for this. Because of this, there may be events or periods of time (generally over weekends) where the majority of the in house staff is conducting their specialty in the field. As so, we make every effort to still reply in a timely fashion on all forms of communications.


To be fair to all customers, we process orders in the order received, within the bounds of the information on this page and our other policies posted on the footer section of the website.

There is an option to pay for faster service when needed. This includes:

  • "front of the line" processing,
  • overnight or faster shipping,
  • afterhours service,
  • weekend service,
  • specialized service,

Being transparent as can be here: We are a for profit business, therefore should faster services be "Demanded" or "Requested" we can offer these services for additional costs within means possible. This way customers who would like to exercise these options all, equally, have access and the ability to do so upon request.