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Spark Machines

What's the difference between iSparkFX™ and Sparkular™?


How do the cards work with Cold Spark Machines?


How long does the cold spark machine powder (granules) last?


Co2 Jets

How much Co2 do I need?

Can I use two co2 jets / co2 cannons on one co2 hose?

Can I use multiple Co2 tanks on one Co2 Jet / Co2 Cannon?

What's the longest single blast I can do with a co2 cannon or co2 jet?

Does the handheld co2 cannon require any power?

Whats the difference between Co2 Cannon Basic/Plus and DMX 512 Co2 Jet?


Whats the difference between DMX 512 Jet and High Output valves?


Tanks / Cylinders

What size tanks do you carry?


How long do tanks last?


What types of tanks do you carry?


What type of co2 tank is needed for the co2 backpack?


What's the difference between high pressure co2 tanks and large bulk co2 tanks?


How long of a co2 hose / cryo hose can I use with co2 tanks (high pressure and bulk tanks)?


What type of tank do I need for my co2 jet or co2 system?


What is a siphon tube tank?


How do I know how much co2 is left in my co2 tank?


Do my co2 tanks need to be strapped down or mounted to something?


Do you deliver co2 tanks?


Can I lay my co2 tanks on the side horizontally?


Co2 Hoses / Cryo Hoses

How do I know what length of co2 hose to order?


What's the smell from my co2 hose (Non-CryoFX® brand hoses)?


What's that bubble on my co2 hose?


Can I use any hose for Co2 or Nitrogen Systems or Products?


Custom Projects

What's needed for a custom project quote?


Do you do installs?


Do you do custom projects?


What all is needed to install a Co2 System?



How are the manifolds configured?


What are the options for manifolds and setups?


Dealer / Distributor

How does dealer / distributor work?



Why is my hose spraying out only air and not a white cloud / plume of co2 or "smoke"?


How Co2 Works

Can I place nozzle far away from valve output or split into multiple nozzles?


Co2 And All Industrial Gas

Where can I get Co2 Gas from (Any Industrial Gas)?





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