How to Make A Co2 Blaster | DIY Co2 Blaster, DIY Co2 Cannon DIY Co2 Jet Instructions

How to Make a Co2 Blaster from CryoFX®

Do you want to try how good your creativity is?

Have you asked yourself before...

"How to make a Co2 Blaster? or How do you make a Co2 Blaster?"

Well, this is the perfect DIY (Do-it-Yourself) Project for you! You can learn from it. You can create something unique that can be used again and again! Introducing the “Dissipating Fog Machine.” This machine has been called a CO2 Blaster and creates fog without the lingering effect.

CO2 Blasters are the pressurized device that emits smoke like clouds through hoses and different valves that connect to the main CO2 tank that consists of CO2 Liquid. But still, there’s a lot to consider making this kind of blasters that can compromise the safety of users and the maker.

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DIY Co2 Blaster | DIY Co2 Cannon | DIY Co2 Jet

Materials Needed for DIY Co2 Blaster / DIY Co2 Jet / DIY Co2 Cannon

As an inventor or an innovator, there are a lot of things to consider in picking materials that can be reused or can be extended for use, which will make your work efficient and save on funds. First, you will need a 20lb CO2 tank (or larger); you can buy or rent this tank that already contains CO2 Liquid in it. Basic co2 blasters consist of metal nozzles, handles, high-pressure co2 hoses, high-pressure co2 valves, and fittings, plus some additionals like pipe joint compound or Teflon tape that ensures a tight seal and prevents leaks.

Assembling Your DIY Co2 Blaster / DIY Co2 Jet / DIY Co2 Cannon

1.) Everything must be precise when picking the length of the hose because it varies depending on your usage. If you want to release co2 clouds from farther away, you should have a longer hose, but if it is going to be used closer to the tank, a shorter high pressure co2 hose will work. For a single 20lb co2 tank (or larger), you will only need one hose. This hose will be used to connect the 20lb co2 tank to the handle and nozzle.

2.) Buying the CryoFX DIY Co2 Jet Package with a nozzle that has a diameter of 1.5inches and length of about 8 inches.

3.) With the use of fittings, connect one end of the nozzle with the handle, then with the hose. There are different kinds and styles of fittings and handles available on market, but using the ones in the package guarantees you will have a proper working CryoFX DIY Co2 Jet Package. When buying you have to make sure that the hose and handle are highly rated and in good quality, which they will be with this package. As it will be used with pressurized liquid co2, it must have the capacity to hold cold temperature up to the freezing point. If you purchase other parts outside of this package, the parts will freeze and the seals will crack and cause a dangerous leak.

4.) Installing the fittings, please use a jointing compound that is rated for low temperatures because Carbon Dioxide can go extremely cold, colder than the freezing point.

5.) After installing the fittings and hose to the handle and nozzle, install the co2 fitting at the other end of the hose to the 20lb CO2 tank (or larger). This CryoFX DIY Co2 Jet Package has a manual handle, however you can also get upgraded packages that include a Cryogenic Solenoid Valve, which is electrically activated.

6.) You must have Teflon tape to ensure a tight seal between the hose, fittings, and valve. Make sure you test your completed CryoFX DIY Co2 Jet Package by hooking it up to a tank to check for proper operation, and of course check for leaks.

7.) Also, use Teflon Tape on the fittings for the hose and co2 tank fitting joint, but not on the 20lb co2 tank itself. Make sure that your tank is large enough.

8.) Make sure you dispense CO2 in a short bursts mode and store away the blasters on a regular basis to ensure safety and avoid leaks.

How to Buy a Co2 Blasters on eBay

With all the regulations about pressurized liquids and dispensers that can come up with malfunction and defective products, it might be the best to buy a ready-made Handheld Co2 Blaster or Stage Mounted Style Co2 Blaster from CryoFX.