iFlameFX™ Triple Head DMX Flame Machine - LPG

iFlameFX™ Triple Head DMX Flame Machine, also referenced as a DMX Fire Machine or Fire Flame Machine, is the number one choice of LPG Flame Machines.

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Description / iFlameFX™ Triple Head DMX Flame Machine - LPG

iFlameFX™ DMX Flame Machines are chosen because….

-Easy Setup

-Includes DMX & Power Cables

-LPG Gas Connection Fittings

-Easy and Quick installation


DMX Flame Machine Specifications:

Watts: 180w

Control: DMX 512

Weight: 20 lbs (9.5kg)

DMX Options: 3pin / 5pin

Directional Model: Vertical

Power Connection: Power Con In & Out

Power: 120 VAC/60Hz or 220 VAC/50Hz

Initial Heating Time: 0 - Instant Activation

Flame Height: 3-6 Feet (1-2m)

DMX Channels: 6 channels (Safety / Fire 1, 2, 3 Individual, Fire All, Center)

Machine Dimensions:  11.22” x 8.66” x 14.96” (28.5cm x 22cm x 38cm)

Gas Type Accepted: LPG (Liquid Propane Gas)



Why Chose iFlameFX™?

-Extended Warranty Options of 2 and 3 years.

-Guaranteed & Trusted Brand of DMX Flame Machines.

-USA based offices for quick and reliable customer service.

-Upgraded internal components to ensure longevity and a reliable DMX Fire Machine.

-Most knowledgeable company on ALL brands of Fire Flame Machines and Fire Products.

-In house 2nd phase of testing before the unit ships to ensure you have a working unit upon arrival.

-In house repair center with stocked parts to provide the quickest turnaround in the event of a malfunction.


Why NOT to buy from China:

-One malfunction of your machine bought from China would require a return to China. Shipping expense and time lost  would be greater than the amount saved by buying from China in the first place.

-Shipping cost to arrive to USA is two to four times the cost than from iFlameFX®, which is based in the USA.

-Components used on the Flame Machine may not be of good quality, and therefore will fail, requiring you to send back or be stuck with broken machine.


Other Factors to Consider:

CryoFX® provides in depth video tutorials on iFlameFX™ products so you are aware of how the machine works and what to expect from it!



Although the act of buying any flame machine may or may not be legal in your area, operating one in any public, or private (depending) setting does require permitting from the local "AHJ" (Authority Having Jurisdiction, IE Fire Department of the City, County, or State, depending on where the machine is to be used).

It is illegal to operate any flame or spark machines without permits and without a licensed operator (in most states and jurisdictions within the USA). 

CryoFX states this disclaimer as we sell worldwide, and some countries, like the USA (and most states within), Canada, UK and Australia, amongst others, do require permitting and licensed pyro operators to operate these machines.  

More Information

Weight (kgs) 8.5
Voltage 110 VAC 50/60HZ (220 VAC Available)
Model iFlameFX™ THFM-01
Length 11.22" (28.5cm)
Height 8.66" (22cm)
Width 14.96" (38cm)
dmx_channels 6 Channels
Linkable Yes, via DMX
Power 180 Watts
Range of Motion No
Tank Height No
Tank Width No
Tank Weight No
Tank Material No
Tank Color No
Tank Style No
Tank Capacity No
Tank Valve Outlet Orientation No
Temperature Rating No
LED Count No
LED Color No
LED Wattage No
Reach 3-6 Feet (1-2m)
Nozzle Material No
Pressure Rating No
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Warranty (Tank) No
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