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Indoor Fireworks for Weddings

The indoor fireworks for weddings adds class, glamour and an exciting experience to… well, weddings! Recent technology has introduced cold fireworks to the market. These fireworks are safe to use for both indoors and outdoors events. The cold fireworks are perfect for your wedding.

When to incorporate an indoor fireworks for weddings display on your wedding

You can incorporate the cold fireworks display on your wedding day during the following instances.

  • When taking photos. This will require the use of a sturdy tripod to hold the camera without wobbling, sinking or tipping.
  • The special effects will be efficient when serenading your partner.
  • There is no better way of spicing your first dance than by the use of cold fireworks for wedding.
  • You can opt to have fireworks shooting across the sky as you (the couple) exit the church.

The special effects of indoor fireworks for wedding can be incorporated when the bride or the couple is making a grand entrance.

Sparkular Machine by Showven

Examples of Indoor Fireworks for Weddings

The following are examples of fireworks display suitable for weddings:

  • Wedding serenade display

This display is full of wonderful fireworks effects that will create a spectacular finale to your special day.

  • Wedding bouquet

These will give you the breath-taking effect from fireworks that are a combination of stunning aerial bursts and fast paced barrages.

  • Fireworks wedding celebration

This display provides sequences of roman candles, volleys of aerial shells and large barrage bursts.

  • Wedding royale

This is the ultimate wedding display that is totally unique and designed to your satisfaction.

  • Drive away sparks

These fireworks display will end your wedding in a uniquely spectacular style by adding dazzle and sparkle as you leave your guests.

  • Spectacular first dance.

This fireworks display will add sparkle and glamour as well as surprise by bursting in the middle of your dance.

  • Whisper wedding serenade

This is a low noise display using unique effects, colour sequences and plenty of creativity.

  • Whisper wedding bouquet

This display is full of colour, light and effects to create an intense and dramatic visual display to your special day.

  • Whisper wedding celebration

These effects are characterised by low noise, perfect for your indoor wedding to add excitement and a wow factor to your big day.

How do you achieve the special effects display of cold fireworks on your wedding day?

In order to achieve the glittering effects of indoor fireworks for weddings, you will need a cold spark machine. This is the best non-pyro cold fireworks wedding special effects machine of recent times.

This cold fireworks machines are considered non pyro due to its functionality despite its ability to produce sparks. The user can adjust the height, density and duration of the effects as well as when to start and stop the machine at his convenience. It does not use gun powder or chemicals as its fuel. Instead, it makes use of granules which are an alloy of Zirconium and titanium. This eliminates the dangers of gun powder experienced in the traditional fireworks machines. The sparks machine can be contained in the fountain tube without a possibility of exploding. When the granules in the hopper are activated, the whole unit becomes unusable.

How does the cold fireworks machine work?

Depending on the cold spark machine, LCD screen allows the use to monitor the machine’s operations. When used together with the DMX control systems, the functions can be monitored on the controller.

The operator can use the machine on a DMX control system in absence of the proprietary controller but the monitoring ability will be lost.

The user can monitor the progress of the fixtures in the system configuration by use of the seven error codes.

The most common codes are the continuous temperature and the E4 code which informs the user when to load the RFID cards, or a general ault code notifying the user the machine is clogged. On cold spark machines with cards, these cards work with a pack of granules which last up to ten minutes depending on the density. These granules are heated to produce sparks which rise up like shooting stars until they burn out.

Supplier of the cold fireworks wedding machine

The initial manufacturer of cold fireworks is Showven technologies, a company based in China.

Another version of the these cold spark machines is known as the iSparkFX, which has also been offered for sale in the market by CryoFX. CryoFX is a leading dealer of Co2 & Special Effects products and equipment. Check www.cryofx.com for more information.

These experts are customer focused to give their clients peace of mind regarding security and safety of the cold fireworks wedding. To buy indoor fireworks for weddings or enquire about the indoor fireworks for wedding rental program, call 1-855-527-9631.

The iSparkFX is offered at the best market price. This type of indoor fireworks for wedding cold spark machine does not use cards. Instead, it has an on and off button to control the machine and the indoor fireworks for wedding display.

The indoor fireworks for wedding machines sold by CryoFX are environmental friendly. They have very low smoke output and low noise pollution. This makes it perfect for your desired indoor fireworks for wedding.

Regardless of cold spark machine, both sold by CryoFX, you can rest assured that both you and your guests are in safe hands of experts as you focus on having a great time and posing for your photos with the beautiful cold fireworks wedding as a stunning backdrop

In conclusion, a cold spark machine like iSparkFX will give an exciting experience of cold fireworks wedding when adopted into your indoor fireworks for weddings arsenal.