iSparkFX™ Cold Spark Machine Granules Pack

1x 200g Pack iSparkFX™ M2 Granules with 1x RFID Card

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Description / iSparkFX™ Cold Spark Machine Granules Pack

iSparkFX™ Cold Spark Fountain Granules

iSparkFX™ Granules are a Non-Toxic powder made of a mixture of Zirconium and Titanium. Each of these compounds are non flammable individually or mixed. The mixture was created to give the optimum glow. The mixture of iSparkFX™ Granules does glow when internally, & electronically, heat activated with the iSparkFX™ Cold Spark Machine . There is very little clean up from the iSparkFX™ Granules after it has gone though the machine to create the spark effect.

• iSparkFX™ Granule: 200 Gram NET Weight Pouches
• Contents: 80% Zirconium composite alloy powder
• 20% Titanium alloy composite powder
• Indoor Use Safe,
• Non-Flammable,
• Non-Toxic

Comes with 1x white RFID Card for the machines listed herein.

Each pouch of iSparkFX™ Granules comes with 200 Grams which equals about 15 Teaspoons and each teaspoon is approximately 1 min of effect. The means each pouch can create up to 15 minutes of effect. Less is more! Enjoy!

Note: These granules work with iSparkFX™ M2 Model Spark Machine & Similar Style Models (Blitzz Full Size). These will NOT work with iSparkFX™ M3 or M4 Mini Models. Those can be found here:

iSparkFX™ M3 Mini Cold Spark Machine Granules: https://www.cryofx.com/isparkfx-mini-cold-spark-machine-granules.html

iSparkFX™ M4 Mini Cold Spark Machine Granules: https://www.cryofx.com/isparkfx-m4-mini-cold-spark-machine-granules.html

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