CO2 Special Effects Equipment Repair Service

 CO2 Special Effects Equipment Repairs and Troubleshooting

CryoFX® can troubleshoot, service, maintain or repair any Co2 Special Effects Equipment issues you may be having. Our Co2 Special Effects Technicians are experts and have years of experience in repairing Co2 Jets, Co2 Cannons, and special effects equipment of any brand with any issues you may have.

All service and repair related requests are routed through the link below.


ANY product received and the EXACT issue with the product NOT reported within 48 hours of your receipt from delivery service, will fall under this service process.

IF the issue is reported within 24 hours WITH photo AND video proof, and full write up from YOU detailing the damage and what the product is not doing, (including photos and video of the external and internal of packaging itself), a claim will be filed with the delivery service and this product handled as a specific case.



1. Submit the ticket using the link below.

2. Send video(s) of the problem, where it originates from, and anything to emulate and show us as if "we were live witnessing it, the control, and everything included.

3. Pay Invoice for bench fee (every RMA, warranty or not).

4. Wait to receive RMA number BEFORE you ship product in, as the product WILL BE REJECTED, OR CONFISCATED WITHOUT RETURN without RMA number.

5. Ship product to the specifica address prodvided with RMA number.

6. Wait for reply on diagnosis (typically 3-8 weeks).

7. Confirm next steps presented to you.


We WILL REQUIRE a video of the problem or issue occuring on the equipment prior to providing an RMA. This is to ensure the equipment will indeed need to be repaired by our service department and not something that may be fixed or repaired prior to sending in, ultimately costing more in loss time and costs.


All incoming service and repair related items require a bench fee of $125 to be paid prior to RMA numbers and incoming address provided to you. This bench fee covers the first hour of diagnostic to review the issue in house, diagnose the full extent of the issue and prepare the proper estimate for costs and time to repair the product. Warranty related items are still required to pay the bench fee. Should the product be deemed a warranty related issue, all or part of the bench fee may be returned or used for return shipping.


CryoFX® does not cover any inbound or outbound shipping charges. As these charges originate from the 3rd party shipping companies themselves, CryoFX® does not cover shipping. CryoFX® can offer discounted shipping inbound and outbound at your request. All products in the completed phase will be ready for shipping. Shipping will be included in the final invoice for all repairs and service related items.


Service and repair related products in the completed phase, where final invoices are sent, will be ready to ship back to you. CryoFX® will include 1 week (7 Calendar Days) of free storage for the final invoice to be paid. On the 8th calendar day, storage fees of $25 per calendar day, per product, will be charged. Partial days will be charged $12 to 12pm PST, and will become a full days charge after 12pm PST. All fees will be required to be paid prior to release or return of equipment.


Please note our service department only handles incoming service requests and emails 2 times a week, therefore, submitting multiple requests will only delay in response and clog up the system. If you are in need of faster service, there is a premium service option for an additional cost. Please indicate the date you need your equipment back to you and we will include details and costs in the email reply we send to you.


The ONLY way to get a service request ticket initiated, regardless of whether this is a CryoFX® product or not, or whether the item is under warranty or not, is by clicking the link below:




Please note that all incoming RMA items are subject to a $125 bench fee. Non-warranty related items are subject to the full bench fee of $125, which covers the first hour tech rate for diagnostics. Repairs, parts, return shipping, and additional time are billed separately for non-warranty RMA's.