Short 100lb Co2 Tank (Non Siphon)

This Short 100lb Steel Co2 Tank without Siphon Tube is perfect for use with Co2 Systems that require gas delivery, not liquid. This tank is better suited for situations where constant moving is not required. This tank does not include a siphon tube (also called a Dip Tube or Eductor Tube). This 100lb tank has a limit of roughly 2 minute 45 seconds of liquid Co2 supply. Gas time available cannot be calculated due to many factors.

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Description / Short 100lb Co2 Tank (Non Siphon)

The Short CryoFX® 100lb Steel Co2 Tank also known as co2 Cylinder does not come with a siphon tube inside. This Short 100 pound co2 tank is perfect for industrial applications like pools or mining or any application that requires gas co2 delivery.

The short 100lb Steel Tank will last you for about a two minutes amd 45 seconds of smoke special effect. The Co2 Tank weighs roughly 250lbs full, this tank is still easy to move when a dolly is not present. This tank does not include a siphon tube (also called a Dip Tube or Eductor Tube).

When used in conjunction with applications requiring Co2 gas delivery, this tank works great and provides the co2 delivery needed. This tank is made from Steel and is hydro tested before sale, which is required to get filled by any Co2 Gas facility that fills Co2 Tanks. This tank may be reconditioned as new.

CO2 Tank Product Description:

CryoFX® Premium Steel 100 lb CO2 cylinder without siphon tube. See store for Siphoned Co2 Tanks.

Details about this 100lb CO2 Steel cylinder:

  • Non-Siphon tube
  • High-quality Steel construction
  • Thick, damage-resistant walls
  • Steel’s natural corrosion resistance is perfect for CO2 and wet gases
  • Tank exterior is brushed – good-looking and easy to maintain
  • Single handle for easy carrying
  • Date of manufacture or hydro test within 180 days
  • Tank performs very well at low temperatures
  • Ships empty
  • DOT- and TC-approved
  • Consistent TARE weight cylinder-to-cylinder
  • Due to size and weight, this 100 lb CO2 cylinder must ship by itself – separate shipping will appear at checkout.


CO2 Special Effect Tanks or Co2 Cylinders 100lbs

100lb Steel Co2 Tank, without a Siphon Tube. The 100lb Co2 Tank without a Siphon Tube can be used for any application requiring Co2 within North / South America and Canada. More specifically, any region which uses a CGA320 style Co2 Valve.

This steel style Co2 tank will last for years to come as others in use currently have been used since 1960s. This tank does include a siphon tube, therefore when used in its upright position, it will disperse Co2 in it's Gas form.

Note: We can also offer this tank with no siphon tube as well, for those applications outside Co2 Special Effects requiring Co2 Gas delivery.

Note: Images are for representation only. Actual product may differ in color, style, come with or without logos, or vary in overall look. Functionality and parameters the product is designed to do that is advertised herein will still remain.

Updated: 6/28/22

More Information

Weight (kgs) 86.18
Model Short 100lb Unsiphon Steel CO2 Tanks
Length No
Height No
Width No
Size and Type No
Linkable No
Power No
Range of Motion No
Tank Height 62 Inches (157.48cm)
Tank Width 10.5 inches (26.67cm)
Tank Weight No
Tank Material Steel
Tank Color Grey
Tank Style Siphon - Includes Dip Tube
Tank Capacity 100lbs
Tank Valve Outlet Orientation CGA-320 USA
Temperature Rating No
LED Count No
LED Color No
LED Wattage No
Reach No
Nozzle Material No
Pressure Rating No
Warranty No
Warranty (Tank) 15 Day - Operational Defect
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