Showven Creeper AQ Low Fog Machine

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Creeper AQ Low Fog Generator

Creeper AQ Low Fog Machine (Ground Fog Machine) is a professional fog machine designed by SHOWVEN, that uses the principle of ultrasonic water mist mixing to diffuse and diffuse smoke on the ground. Long working hours, no need to use dry ice, the main consumable is pure water, low cost, and no harm to the environment or human body.


Showven Creeper AQ Low Fog Generator is the perfect low lying ground fogger that does not u se dry ice! Keep running this low ground fog machine continuously without worrying about refilling, like the dry ice fog machines require.

Features and advantages for Showven Creeper AQ Low Fog Generator

  • Molded enclosure, lighter, durable as well as rustless.
  • Multi-optimized air supply system, ensure farther and more uniform fog output.
  • 30 heads atomizers, thicker fog output.
  • Weather proof design
  • Abrasion-resistant silent caster
  • Latest rapid heating technology, 1-2min heating up time
  • Adjustable fog density, moisture and fan speed, versatile application to meet different requirements
  • Low-water sensor
  • Patented fog leakage prevention technology, no fog leakage even refill the machine when it is working
  • User friendly LCD control panel
  • 3.3L fluid tank, support 2h continuous output.
  • Advanced auto water refill system


Specifications for Showven Creeper AQ Ground Fog Machine:

  • Model: Creeper AQ
  • Dension: 805×390×480mm
  • Weight: 35kg
  • Power: 2000W
  • Voltage: AC200-240V, 50-60Hz / AC100-120V, 50-60Hz
  • Heat-up Time:Appr. 1-2min
  • Fluid Tank Capacity:3.3L
  • Water Tank Capacity: 24L
  • DMX channels: DMX-512 / Remote control
  • Output Adjustable:1-100
  • Max. Fog Output: 15000 cuft/min
  • Max. Coverage:Appr. 300㎡
  • Max. Fluid Consumption.: Appr. 32ml/min
  • Max. Water Consumption:Appr. 375ml/min
  • Continuous Output:YES
  • Fully loaded Output Time:100+ min
  • Consumable:FX-M Fog Fluid, Water
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