Showven Pro Fog Machine X-S3000

Showven Pro Fog Machine X-S3000

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Description / Showven Pro Fog Machine X-S3000

Showven Pro Fog Machine X-S3000 is one of the most sought after professional series commercial fog machines. This extremely high output fog machine outputs a ton of fog in a quick amount of time. For a 3000 watt fog machine, it gets the job done.

Features and advantages for Showven Showven Pro Fog Machine X-S3000

  • Rotary output control button, convenient smoke amount adjustment;
  • Super long effect time, max output up to 40s, continuously in low output mode;
  • Optimized atomizer with high precision circuit, ensure more uniform smoke effect;
  • Neutrik® PowerCON, 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connectors;
  • Build-in LCD screen, user friendly.

Specifications for Showven Pro Fog Machine X-S3000:

  • Model: X-S3000
  • Dension: 660 x 404 x 290mm
  • Weight: 16.6kg
  • Power: 3000W (220V), 2000W (110V)
  • Heat-up time: 7min (220V Version), 12min (110V Version)
  • MAX continuous output duration: 40s (Max output), continuously (Low output)
  • Fog output: 40000cuft/min
  • Tank capacity: 9L
  • DMX channels: 1 channel

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