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Showven Sonicboom PLUS Smokejet

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Description / Showven SonicBoom Plus SmokeJet

Showven SonicBoom Plus Smokejet is one of the most sought after professional series highest output vertical fog machines. Similar to the Chauvet Geyser, this vertical fog machine with lights is a must have when you don't want to, or can't use, co2 jets. Also known as a co2 jet fog machine or vertical smoke machine, you'll be impressed with this "fire fog machine", and yes it can imitate fire with the LED lights on red/orange setting!

Features and advantages for Showven SonicBoom Plus Smokejet

  • Dual smoke generation system, dual output
  • Two units can combined together to generate max effects
  • No need of CO2 tank, safer and easy carry
  • No generation of CO2, environmental friendly
  • Cost effective consumables
  • Excellent heating module design, fast temp. recovery
  • Low power mode* design, lower power supply requirement
  • Unique constant pressure system, consistent smoke effect
  • Pipeline integration technology, easy maintenance, stronger burst
  • 38pcs 9W LED,independent smoke column color change
  • Easy installation at any angles even place upside down
  • *110V version doesn’t have this function.

Specifications for Showven SonicBoom Plus Smokejet:

  • Dimension:500x324x325mm
  • Weight: 28kg
  • Power:3000W/1800W(220V)
  • 2400W/1800W(110V)
  • Voltage: AC 220V-240V, 50/60Hz, AC 100V-120V 50/60Hz
  • Fuse: 15A/250V(220V),18A/250V(110V)
  • LED power: 9Wx38PCS
  • DMX channels: 1/11/14
  • Output height: up to 10m
  • MAX continuous output duration: 10s
  • Smoke output: 80000cuft/min
  • Fluid consumption rate:3min/L
  • Tank capacity: 5L
  • Consumables:FX-S


Operation - Manual Information (Direct from Showven)

Foreword Thanks for choosing SHOWVEN SONICBOOM TM PLUS SMOKEJET.
Please read following manual carefully and completely before operating this product. Operate according to instructions is very important for safety, and can elongate the service life of the machine. Product Description

1. Since the introduction of SMOKEJET, it is used in more and more shows to generate smoke column effect instead of cumbersome CO2 jet.
2. In order to solve the problem of lack of explosive force of present smokejet on market, SHOWVEN adopting pipeline integration technology on SONICBOOM, ensure stronger smoke burst.
3. Unique constant pressure system, guarantee consistent smoke effect. Functional Characteristics Independent smoke column color change Patented pipeline integration technology, ensure 0.3s instant smoke burst Automatic constant pressure design, highly consistent smoke effect 220V version SONICBOOM Support 1500W half power mode, easier main power supply. Over temp. alarm, no fuel alarm, over voltage alarm etc. multi safety status monitoring. Safer for use, easier for maintenance. Support manual operation on machine control panel DMX control, 14/11/1 channel switchable Suggest to use SHOWVEN original FX-S fog fluid, other fluid may lead to clog or malfunction. FX-S is quick dissipating fog fluid, the smoke dissipate in seconds, it is perfect choice for creating instant smoke column. 1

Technical Specifications Model Power Input Fuse: Work Power LED Power Heat-up Time Max Continuous Output Duration Output Max Output Height Tank Capacity Fluid consumption N.W. G.W. Machine Size Package Size DMX Channel Consumable SONICBOOM TM PLUS 220V version: AC220V-240V 50/60Hz 110V version: AC100V-120V 50/60Hz 15A/250V 220V version: 3,000W/1500W (Half power mode) 110V version: 2000W 9W 38PCS 220V version: 9min 110V version: 11min 8s 80000cuft/min 10m 5L 3min/L 24Kg 26Kg (mm) (mm) 14/11/1 switchable FX-S Safety Information Unauthorized repair are prohibited, it may cause serious incident.

This product is not waterproof design, please keep it dry, please do not use it when there are fog fluid leakage or wet from rain. Make sure power supply in consistent with the rated voltage of the equipment, and the socket must well grounded. Unplug and turn off the machine when not use. For adult use only, keep it away from fire, inflammable and explosive articles. Installed in well ventilated area, ensure at least 50cm space around the machine, cover of the nozzle is forbidden. If the machine fails to work, please stop operation and unplug the machine. Check fog fluid, fuse, power connection etc. carefully, if can t solve the problem, please contact SHOWVEN or your local SHOWVEN partner for advise. Suggest use SHOWVEN original FX-S fog fluid, other fluid may lead to clog or malfunction. Please do not adding any other material such as pigment, water etc to the fuel bottle. To avoid fluid spill, make sure fog fluid not exceed related MAXIMUM fluid level line. When install SONICBOOM in invert direction, the fuel bottle should installed upward. In case of eye contact of fog fluid, please wash it with clean water. If fluid is swallowed immediately look for medical advice.



1. Please read above safety information carefully before operating the machine.
2. Fill the fluid tank with SHOWVEN original fog fluid, pay attention to the maximum fill level.
3. Connect the machine to suitable rated power supply, due to the work power is relatively high, please ensure power supply meets the requirement.
4. Turn on the machine, it heat up automatically, and shows warm up on LCD screen.
5. Once the machine has reached operating temperature, Warm up disappear and temperature reached at around 100%, pressure at around 100%. Now the machine is ready for operation.
6. After each firing, wait a few seconds to start the next firing, allow the pressure and temperature are stable. Button Function MENU": switch through setup menu + : Parameter up; multiplex TIMER (smoke output time) - : Parameters down; multiplex VOLUME (smoke output start) ENTER : confirm and save parameters (screen will blink once when save successfully); multiplex STOP.

NOTE: Screen will switch to main interface automatically if not press any button in long time.

a)main Interface First Line: DMX address, : blinks when there is DMX in signal. Second Line: shows machine core temperature and pressure. The machine ready for operate only when both temperature and pressure value close to 100%. Error information: Error information E1 Pressure E2 K temp. Sensor E5 Temp Over Explanation Pressure faults, no fog fluid or pump error Temperature sensor fault Circuit fault E6 Heat Fail Example of TIMER setting function in the menu: 1 set interval 10s 2 set duration 2s Heating element damage or circuit fault or unstable voltage SONICBOOM will repeat: firing 2s, interval of 10s, firing 2s, interval 10s Press VOLUME button under main interface, SONICBOOM activated and start to generate smoke, and press 3 STOP to stop the machine. This function disabled when SONICBOOM connected with DMX signal.

b) Setting Menu Press MENU switch through setup menu. Items Value Explanation DMX 512 Address 1~499 Set DMX address Power Regulation Standard/Half Power Setting working power for the machine Color Optional 0~10 LED color set when manual firing Channel Mode 1/11/14 DMX channel mode switch Fog Volume 50%/80%/100% Manual fog volume setup

C) Advanced Interface Press MENU for 3s, enter advanced setting interface Item Value Explanation Manual Evacuate ON/OFF Manual Evacuate when pressure always insufficient Interval Set Interval time Duration Set 1-8 Smoke output duration Wireless Remote ON/OFF Wireless ON/OFF switch Language Chinese/English Language switch Manual Pump ON/OFF For maintenance DMX Channel 1 channel mode LED color determined by single channel, DMX value and related color as below: Color SMOKE OFF LED OFF RED GREEN BLUE PINK PURPLE ORANGE YELLOW SKY BLUE WHITE Random LED OFF DMX value channels mode.

Channels Channel 1 Channel 2 Channel 3 Channel 4 Channel 5 Channel 6 Channel 7

Function Firing: (0-9) OFF, ( ) ON Inner LED RED: (0-9) OFF, (10-255) LED brightness increase Inner LED GREEN: (0-9) OFF, (10-255) LED brightness increase Inner LED BLUE: (0-9) OFF, ( ) LED brightness increase Outer LED RED: (0-9) OFF, (10-255) LED brightness increase Outer LED GREEN, (0-9) OFF, ( ) LED brightness increase Outer LED BLUE, (0-9) OFF, (10-255) LED brightness increase 4 Channel 8 LED Random: (0-9) OFF, (10-255) LED random color, use together with channel 9. Channel 9 LED color change speed: (0-9) OFF, (10-255) LED color change speed increase Channel 10 LED strobe: (0-9) OFF, (10-255) LED strobe increase Channel 11 LED dimmer, (0-9) OFF, (10-255) LED brightness increase 14 channels mode. Channels Function Channel 1 Firing: (0-9) OFF, ( ) ON Channel 2 Inner LED RED: (0-9) OFF, (10-255) LED brightness increase Channel 3 Inner LED GREEN: (0-9) OFF, (10-255) LED brightness increase Channel 4 Inner LED BLUE: (0-9) OFF, ( ) LED brightness increase Channel 5 Inner LED AMBER: (0-9) OFF, ( ) LED brightness increase Channel 6 Outer LED RED: (0-9) OFF, (10-255) LED brightness increase Channel 7 Outer LED GREEN, (0-9) OFF, ( ) LED brightness increase Channel 8 Outer LED BLUE, (0-9) OFF, (10-255) LED brightness increase Channel 9 Outer LED AMBER, (0-9) OFF, (10-255) LED brightness increase Channel 10 LED Random: (0-9) OFF, (10-255) LED random color Channel 11 LED Random (inner LED change color): (0-9) OFF, (10-255) LED random color Channel 12 LED color change speed: (0-9) OFF, (10-255) LED color change speed increase Channel 13 LED strobe: (0-9) OFF, (10-255) LED strobe increase Channel 14 LED dimmer, (0-9) OFF, (10-255) LED brightness increase NOTE: Manual function disabled when DMX connected. E1 Pressure error explanation In order to protect pump, SONICBOOM will running self check program to find out whether there are fog fluid in the fuel pipe. 1. E1 pressure error activation When there is no fog fluid in the fuel tank, system can not reach preset pressure even turn on for a long time. The pump will stop working, and report E1. 2. Way to clear E1 error 1 Fill the fog fluid tank, then restart the machine. 2 Press VOLUME to reset. 3 DMX Channel 1, start a firing. Maintenance

1. Use SHOWVEN original fog fluid for the best effect of SONICBOOM. Warranty will be void if any other type fluid is used.
2. Don t disassemble the machine by unauthorized person, modifications to the machine are not allowed.
3. Excessive dust, liquid or dirt etc on the equipment will affect performance of the machine and cause poor heat dissipation. Remove dust with air compressor, vacuum or soft brush. Use a damp cloth to clean the case.
4. Before storing the machine, run distilled water through the system to help avoid condensing the pump or 5 heater.
5. To keep the best status and performance of machine, it is recommended to running the machine at least once per month.
6. After continuous use of 40h (or 1-2month), please use 35% vinegar with 65% distilled water to wash the pump and pipe system by running the machine times. Possible reason for the block of atomizer For healthy and best status of machine, please do use SHOWVEN original fog fluid.
A. Fluid spill: heat can t effectively transmit to fog fluid, leads to insufficient atomization of the fog fluid in the heating pipe. Possible Reason
1: Use other type of low quality fog fluid instead of SHOWVEN original fog fluid. Possible reason
2: Use inappropriate fog fluid. For different types of fog fluid, the atomization temperature is different.
B. Heating aluminum pipe clog: early symptom for heating aluminum pipe clog is fog fluid spill caused by insufficient atomization. Use other brand fluid or not make regular maintenance for a long time will definitely leads to pipe clog.
C. Solution for above problem: Use SHOWVEN original fog fluid. Make regular maintenance (every 1-2month). Use 35% vinegar with 65% distilled water to wash the pump and pipe system by running the machine times.

Warranty Instructions Sincere thanks for your choosing SONICBOOM PLUS SMOKEJET, you will receive quality service from us. The product warranty period is one year. If there are any quality problems within 7 days after shipping out from our factory, we can exchange a brand new same model machine for you. We will offer free of charge maintenance service for machines which with hardware malfunction (except for the instrument damage caused by human factors) in warranty period. Please don't repair machine without factory permission. Below situations NOT included in warranty service:
1. Damage caused by improper transportation, usage, management, and maintenance, or damage caused by human factors;
2. Disassemble, modify or repair products without Showven s permission;
3. Damage caused by external reasons (lightning strike, power supply etc)
4. Damage caused by improper installation or use; For product damage not included in warranty range, we can provide paid service. Invoice and warranty card are necessary when applying for maintenance service from SHOWVEN. Warranty Card Product Name: Serial No. Purchase Date: Tel: Address: Problem feedback: Actual problem: Maintenance detail: Service Engineer: Service Date: 

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