Showven SonicBoom X SmokeJet

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Showven Sonicboom X Smokejet

As a substitute of CO2 jet, SMOKEJET becomes more and more popular in the market. Instead of cumbersome CO2 gas tank, it uses fog fluid as fuel, which is safer, environmental friendly and with longer effects time (more than 12min after fill up). SONICBOOM not only take the advantages of SMOKEJET, but also adopting pipeline integration technology to guarantee the burst time as short as 0.2s.


Showven SonicBoom X Smokejet is one of the most sought after professional series vertical fog machines. Similar to the Chauvet Geyser, this vertical fog machine with lights is a must have when you don't want to, or can't use, co2 jets. Also known as a co2 jet fog machine or vertical smoke machine, you'll be impressed with this "fire fog machine", and yes it can imitate fire with the LED lights on red/orange setting!

Features and advantages for Showven SonicBoom X Smokejet

  • Instant smoke generation, close to CO2 Jet
  • No need of CO2 tank, safer and easy carry
  • No generation of CO2, environmental friendly
  • Super long stable effects time, upto 12min after fill up
  • Super fast smoke dissipate with original fluid
  • Cost effective consumables
  • Excellent heating module design, fast temp. recovery
  • Low power mode (220V version), lower power supply requirement
  • Unique constant pressure system, consistent smoke effect
  • Pipeline integration technology, easy maintenance, stronger burst
  • 35pcs 5W LED, independent smoke column color change
  • Easy installation at any angles even place upside down

Specifications for Showven SonicBoom X Smokejet:

  • Model: SONICBOOM X
  • Dimension: 482 x 408 x 215mm
  • Weight: 17.2kg
  • Power: 3000W/1500W (220V), 2000W (110V)
  • Output height: up to 10m
  • LED power: 5W*35PCS
  • Heat-up time: 5min (220V Version), 7min (110V Version)
  • MAX continuous output duration: 8s
  • Smoke output: 55000cuft/min
  • Tank capacity: 2.5L
  • DMX channels: 11 / 1 channel optional
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