Showven Sparkular Cold Spark Fountain Granules Pack

Showven Sparkular Granule Pack: 200 Gram Pouches

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Description / Showven Sparkular Cold Spark Fountain Granules Pack

Sparkular Granules Part No.: HC8200

Zirconium and Titanium alloy, with 80% Zirconium and 20% Titanium
Powder Mesh number: 80-100, Diameter: 180um to 250um Weight: 200 gr/Pouch
Use Time: 15 minutes (at 100%) /Pouch
Working Temperature: -4 degrees F
158 degrees F Packaging: 12 Pouches/Box 12 Boxes / Case

The Sparkular Granules are a proprietary mixture of Metals. The 200 grams will last 15 minutes at full height and full density. Each pouch comes with an RFID Card that allows a 25 minute run time. The materials will not rust or cause any discoloration. 

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Weight (kgs) 0.68
Model Showven Sparkler Cold Spark Fountain Granules
Length No
Height No
Width No
Size and Type No
Linkable No
Power No
Range of Motion No
Tank Height No
Tank Width No
Tank Weight No
Tank Material No
Tank Color No
Tank Style No
Tank Capacity No
Tank Valve Outlet Orientation No
Temperature Rating No
LED Count No
LED Color No
LED Wattage No
Reach No
Nozzle Material No
Pressure Rating No
Warranty N/A
Warranty (Tank) No
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