Siphon Tube Install - Dip Tube & Service

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Siphon Tube Install Service only. This product is to be purchased WITH a co2 tank from CryoFX that does not already have a siphon tube in it. This service includes the install and the tube.


This is an add on product for Co2 tanks that do no have a siphon tube, dip tube, or eductor tube already installed in the tank and you want to add one with your purchase.

This includes the siphon tube and the install into the tank. If the tank you are purchasing already has one included in that listing (Labeled "Siphon Tube") then you do not need this add on.

Note: Co2 tanks DO NOT come with this individual product on this page. Images are shown only for reference. A co2 tank is needed for purchase with this product listing.

CO2 Special Effect Tanks or Co2 Cylinders 50lbs

Disclaimer: Images are for representation purposes only. Color, Style, and other attributes shown may differ on actual product. Product performs for what it is advertised to do and how it is to operate.

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