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The Theatrical Smoke Machine, in other words a Co2 Smoke Machine


The use of special effects nowadays is not only for movies but, it is also used worldwide in parties, concerts, and special occasions. If you own a nightclub, owning a theatrical smoke machine should be a must. It will be a great investment for your business instead of renting it every night. However, if you only need to use this machine for one event or a single occasion, and buying is just not enough for your budget, then you can rent it from a reliable company. This article will help you where you can choose and rent a theatrical smoke machine, called a “Co2 Smoke Machine” by some, that will suit your needs.

What is a Theatrical Smoke Machine made of?

The fog that normally comes out from this artificial smoke machine is made of a condensed vapor, or more specifically for a Co2 Smoke Machine, is liquid co2 sprayed out into the air freezing the humidity. This theatrical smoke and fog or haze is non-toxic, therefore safe for our skin (For Theatrical Smoke Health Effects see here). The foggy effect will create a new atmosphere to the venue. It will not only bring the thrill to the crowd but also the smoke from this artificial smoke machine, or Co2 Smoke machine with co2, itself will give them a cool sensation. The effect of the theatrical smoke machine will surely bring the party to life and keep the crowd alive and excited. When you are looking for a place where you can find a theatrical smoke machine, our website will gladly help you. Just keep on reading for more details.

What CO2 Cannon Rental can do to the party?

Most of the CO2 smoke machines are handheld, which makes it very convenient to operate. This style of artificial smoke machine is now one of the most used and in demand when it comes to adding special effects to a club, Halloween, a concert, and most used in movies for special effects. With this very light and easy to use co2 smoke machine, the venue of the party will go to the next level for several hours with potentially only one liter of fluid, or a small co2 tank depending on type of machine. All the visitors will love the thrill it brings, and the incredible effects will bring more fun to the audience. It simply adds a thrilling sensation especially when the white smoke is hit with the different colors from the stage. The view will be breathtaking. Remember, no need to worry about the smoke that the machine expels if you’re wondering “Are fog machines safe to breathe?”. It is safe even for kids. So, bring the life to the party and impress them with amazing visual effects. The theatrical smoke and fog will bring life to your party.

Where can you Theatrical Smoke Machines or Co2 Smoke Machines?

Now, the venue is ready, and everything is set, and the one that is lacking is the theatrical smoke machine, or co2 smoke machine. In times like this, there is one site that you can trust. CryoFX.com is the answer. They offer theatrical smoke and fog machines and artificial smoke machines for rent in all sizes. To save yourself from possible problems, make the arrangement two-to-three weeks ahead of the event. This is to make sure that the machine you will rent is the perfect size for the venue. Plus, the technical staff can teach you the basics. If you think that you are not confident enough of operating the machine yourself, worry no more because the staff will help set up the machine. They will ensure you that everything is in place before the event.

Good news! CryoFX now has a rent to own package for their valued customer. The process is like this; you will pay the full amount over the course of the rental period, and if you decided to own the machine, the company would keep the amount and you keep the machine, and a receipt of purchase will be released for you. But if you return the artificial smoke machine, or co2 smoke machine and/or related equipment, you will be charged for the days used for the rental.


Some of the event's organizers cannot afford to purchase an artificial smoke machine. The Rent-to-own promo of CryoFX website is a great opportunity for them. In regards to those who want to make their Halloween party the unique among the neighborhood, renting a co2 smoke machine is the best thing to do. Thanks for companies that offer rental services. Now, anyone can have the chance to make their party out of the ordinary and make the best impression on the crowd.




Theatrical Smoke Machine: Adding Drama and Atmosphere to Your Stage Productions

Theatrical smoke machines have become a staple in the world of theater and stage productions. These machines add a touch of drama and atmosphere to performances by creating smoke or fog effects. They are used to enhance the lighting effects, create a sense of mystery, or add a spooky ambiance to a scene. In this article, we will discuss the different types of smoke machines available, their features, and how they can be used in theater productions.


Smoke Machine for Theater Productions

A smoke machine for theater productions is designed to produce smoke or fog effects that enhance the atmosphere of a performance. The smoke machines available today come in a variety of types, including portable theatrical smoke machines, DMX controlled smoke machines, haze smoke machines, low lying smoke machines, dry ice smoke machines, water-based smoke machines, oil-based smoke machines, and vertical smoke machines.


Portable Theatrical Smoke Machine

A portable theatrical smoke machine is a compact and easy-to-use machine that is perfect for small productions or venues with limited space. These machines are lightweight and easy to transport, making them an ideal choice for traveling shows or outdoor events. They come with a range of features, including remote controls, adjustable output levels, and easy-to-refill tanks.


DMX Controlled Smoke Machine

A DMX controlled smoke machine is a sophisticated machine that can be programmed to produce a range of smoke effects. These machines are ideal for larger productions where precise control of smoke effects is required. They can be programmed to produce different types of smoke effects, such as haze, low lying smoke, or vertical smoke, at specific intervals during a performance.


Haze Smoke Machine

A haze smoke machine produces a fine mist of smoke that creates a hazy atmosphere on stage. This type of smoke machine is ideal for creating a mysterious or dreamy ambiance. Haze smoke machines can be used to enhance lighting effects by creating a visible beam of light or to create a sense of depth in a scene.


Low Lying Smoke Machine

A low lying smoke machine is designed to create a smoke effect that stays close to the ground. This type of smoke machine is ideal for creating a spooky ambiance or to create a sense of mist or fog on stage. The smoke produced by a low lying smoke machine is denser than the smoke produced by other types of smoke machines, which creates a more dramatic effect.


Dry Ice Smoke Machine

A dry ice smoke machine produces smoke by heating dry ice, which creates a cloud of dense, white fog. This type of smoke machine is ideal for creating a magical or ethereal atmosphere. Dry ice smoke machines can be used to create a misty or foggy ambiance on stage or to create a cloud of smoke that can be illuminated by stage lighting.


Water-Based Smoke Machine

A water-based smoke machine is designed to produce a fine mist of smoke that is safe to breathe. These machines are ideal for use in enclosed spaces or where performers may come into direct contact with the smoke. Water-based smoke machines are easy to use and produce a clean, odorless smoke effect.


Oil-Based Smoke Machine

An oil-based smoke machine produces a dense, white smoke that is ideal for creating a spooky or dramatic atmosphere. These machines use a special oil-based fluid to produce the smoke effect, which can be irritating to the eyes and lungs if not used properly. Oil-based smoke machines are often used in larger productions where a more dramatic smoke effect is required.


Vertical Smoke Machine

A vertical smoke machine is designed to produce a column of smoke that rises straight up into the air. This type of smoke machine is ideal for creating a dramatic effect or for use in outdoor productions. Vertical smoke machines can be programmed to produce different types of smoke effects, such as low lying smoke or haze smoke, at specific intervals