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What is a Co2 Jet Cannon? CryoFX® Explains Exactly What This Co2 Fog Cannon Does!

A Co2 Jet Cannon can be either a Co2 Cryogenic Fog Cannon or a Stage Mounted Cryogenic Co2 Jet.

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CryoFX Co2 Jet Cannons have appeared in numerous productions, events, and venues. Whether you need one or more, picking the right Co2 Fog Cannon for your event is key.

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What is a CO2 Jet Cannon?

A co2 jet cannon is specifically used to describe a co2 special effect apparatus that outputs liquid co2 from a manual or electric valve, producing an effect called cryo effects, or CryoFX for short.

A lot of discussion has been done regarding the exact names of certain items, and there’s been plenty of disagreements whether or not these names apply only to certain brands or models, or can be used in general terms. One of these terms or phrases is carbon dioxide jet cannon, or “CO2 jet cannon” for short.

Now, lets throw something totally confusing your way, but with good intent as we will clear this up further along. When your searching for this “Co2 Jet Cannon” special effect, you will see some phrases online come up that ask the following:

  • What is a co2 cryogenic fog cannon?
  • What is a cryogenic co2 jet?
  • What is a co2 jet cannon?

So, you may ask, “What is a CO2 jet cannon?” In the special effects industry, many different names are used to identify similar products or items. The handheld cryo gun is one of them. Names such as CO2 gun, Cryo Cannon, Co2 Cannon, CO2 Cannon, Cryo Pistol, and handheld Co2 Jet have been used to call these items. Different spellings have been used for these, such as Cryo Canon and Co2 Canon, both using only one “n” instead of two, even though this is the incorrect way to spell “cannon”.

One can get easily confused with spelling as well as the questions asked. Well with all the different names being used for the same thing it gets confusing to say the least. However, despite the many names used to call a specific product or item, the term “CO2 jet cannon” is specifically used to describe an effect apparatus that outputs liquid co2 from a manual or electric valve. It’s most often used to refer to a special effects product that’s used as part of a discotheque or nightclub.

The CO2 jet cannon uses carbon dioxide gas to propel confetti within the dance area of a nightclub. CO2, which is short for Carbon Dioxide, is a naturally occurring, colorless, and odorless gas. It is a chemical compound that is vital to life on Earth. Carbon dioxide can be compressed in liquid form at high pressures, which are usually stored in metal cylinders.

Uses for Carbon Dioxide and Co2 CryoGenic Fog Cannons

Many industries use carbon dioxide in their daily applications, among them the food industry, the oil industry, and the chemical industry. While it has many varied commercial uses, perhaps its greatest use as a chemical is in the production of beverages such as soft drinks, which make use of a lot of carbonation. Carbon dioxide gives the “fizz” beverages such as sodas, beer, and sparkling wine are known for. Much recently, carbon dioxide has become very useful in the entertainment industry, through the use of CO2 jet cannons or CO2 cryogenic fog cannons.

The device itself employs a valve system with specially engineered tubes where liquid carbon dioxide passes. These are attached to high pressure cylinders containing carbon dioxide. These high pressure CO2 cylinders are attached to a siphon tube, or dip tube, which is what allows the liquid to be released from a cylinder.

It is important to make sure that all the components are attached properly and securely to a firm surface. Most ideal for this is the ground or floor, because the cylinders are very heavy and will definitely hurt and injure someone when it falls accidentally on a person. The CO2 cylinders should be securely placed very close to the actual CO2 jet cannon. When the cylinder and CO2 jet cannon are firmly and safely installed, a CGA320 adapter is used to connect a special high-pressure hose to the CO2 cylinder. When that is done, the other end of the high pressure hose is attached to the inlet port of the CO2 jet cannon. The whole thing is then attached to a power control unit, so the operator can regulate the pressure and amount of carbon dioxide to be released. When the CO2 jet receives a command from the control unit to release carbon dioxide, it opens a valve and allows the liquid CO2 to travel through the specific nozzles and react with the surrounding air.

Once the carbon dioxide is released, it reacts to the ambient air and rapidly expands. The effect produced by this device is stunning, dense, white fog clouds. As time went by, other uses were found for the CO2 jet cannon, such as throwing t-shirts or other merchandise to the audience in a sports arena.

Because the term “cryo gun” (used to refer to a device that freezes a body part by spraying a shot of liquid carbon dioxide onto it) came from the medical field, it would then follow that people may ask, “what is a CO2 cryogenic fog cannon?”, as they would relate the word “cryogenic” to the process of freezing abnormal or diseased tissue in order to destroy them, or freezing tissue samples in order to preserve them for future use or study.

There is very little difference between the two in terms of how they work. The only difference is the application of the device. Before long, the special effects industry also began to use the term, since they also use a device with basically the same function. However, the special effects version is capable of spraying a higher volume of carbon dioxide out and at greater pressures.

History of the phrase "Co2 Jet Cannon"

Over the years, as the CO2 jet cannon started making a name for itself in the special effects business, interested customers, especially those from other countries, started searching for suppliers online. Since people from other countries called it a different name, “cryo gun” was not always used, so the item was pretty hard to look for. Over time, slang progressed; terms got mixed up, and before long, a simple two-word phrase transformed into so many other names. The searches broadened and even included the usage and venues used. Terms like “Cryo Cannon”, “Co2 Cannon”, and “CO2 Cannon” have been used. Sometimes these questions get intermixed:

  • What is a co2 cryogenic fog cannon?
  • What is a cryogenic co2 jet?
  • What is a co2 jet cannon?

When people starting asking “What is a CO2 jet cannon?” or “What is a CO2 cryogenic fog cannon?” they begin to see results, but will get confused that these questions may pertain to different products. Lets set the playing field clear, they are all the same product here.

Regardless what you call it there is obviously a lot of confusion with the names of CO2 cryogenic fog cannons as co2 special effects products. It gets even more confusing when you consider the settings they are used in, and the type and huge number of different products, and brands as well. We hope we’ve cleared up any confusion, and we certainly hope that you know the differences in spelling. You can also expect to find so many similar items, but the bottom line is that CO2 jet cannon is the basic term to use for the nightclub special effect.