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CO2 Special Effects Equipment Repair Service

 CO2 Special Effects Equipment Repairs and Troubleshooting

CryoFX® can troubleshoot, service, maintain or repair any  CO2 Special Effects Equipment issues you may be having.  Our CO2 Special Effects Technicians are experts and have years of experience in repairing CO2 Jets and CO2 Guns of any brand with any issues you may have.  Call us to find out if we can repair your CO2 Jets or CO2 Handheld Night Club Cannon Guns at 619.855.2796 today!


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6029 Fairmount Ave
San Diego, CA 92120
United States of America
+1.8.555.CryoFX (855.527.9639)

SiteLock - Worldwide Manufacturer and Supplier of custom CO2 Special Effects Equipment, enhances your stage production by providing whats HOT in the industry, so you can COOL down your crowd when it gets HOT in your venue, or simply because it looks COOL.  Call Us at 855-527-9639 or 619-855-2796. cryofx llc   
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