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Best Co2 Backpack Cannon for 2020 Events

As years passed by, technology took over most of our activities in our daily lives. This leads inventors and companies to come up with new and more advanced machines or any equipment. Along with the rapid advancement of technology, the standard of people’s fun in the field of entertainment also increases.

In our current generation, people prefers spending their weekend in a party to free themselves from stress. To make these parties extra special, inventors and companies created machines that can produce special effect during the event. One popular machine to make each event more exciting and fascinating is the fog machine.

Organizing an event is not an easy job to do. Aside from the spotlight, the fog machine also plays a vital role for every occasions. Without the presence of it, people will think that your party is dull and boring. To avoid such circumstances, the CO2 Tank Backpack is the best option for you. There are different types of fog machine that can be seen in the market but this one is one of manies favorite.

The Co2 tank backpack is a one of a kind fog machine with a backpack feature that allows the users to operate the equipment any time they want to and without limitation of mobility. With its backpack advantage, you don’t have to use lengthy hoses to connect to a stationary CO2 tank. It is a lot safer and guaranteed not to cause too much trouble.

Do you want to experience the greatness of this fog machine with no any trouble? I highly recommend you the CryoFX backpack cannon package. It is the leading backpack cannon brand since it was proven to be one of the safest and secure fog machine style gadgets in the market today. Unlike other packages, this product comes with impressive features that will surely help your job become much mmore fun.

Compared to other fog machine gadgets, the Cryo Tank Backpack is much better and more popular because of its outstanding advantages. It was specially made with adjustable waist and chest strap that allows the user to customized the tightness of it so he can seek his own comfort. Aside from that, these straps are also made to secure the tank backpack perfectly fitted to the body of the user so that it won’t fall to break. Aside from such feature, this fog machine style apparatus is also made to hold the tank tightly regardless of its position, so that the tank valve is farm from the head or neck, but rather lower away from the head. Also, the co2 hose was made with enough length that is capable to wrap around the carrier’s body. What made this fog machine simulation more safe and secure is that it was made with custom metal clamp that will keep the tank valve right on track. With that, the tank will no longer slip through the center strap.

For beginners, you don’t have to worry if you are clueless on how do the CO2 tank backpack works. Each packages comes with a book manual that will help you understand how a certain package works, some safety guidelines that will give you knowledge on what you should do and what you shouldn’t do, and a frequently asked question sheet that might answer your common questions with the regards the product.

How to use a CO2 Backpack Cannon?

For some people who don’t have any idea on how to use this fog machine tool, the CO2 backpack cannon seems completely cumbersome for them. But with guidelines reviewed, being a beginner with the certain package of choice is no longer an issue.

Depending on your preferred package, it may come with a 20lb or 10lb CO2 tank and a backpack cannon package setup. This supports and holds the tank tighter on the back of the user. If you are wondering how to carry out this backpack fog machine, you just simply loosen the strap of the backpack cannon then strap it to your back with your desired comfort. Always keep in mind that the CO2 backpack can only carry out a tank with a maximum weight of 20 lb.

Generally, the CO2 backpack works perfectly in every types of event. It can make the stage production better than having only spotlights. It can boost the energy of the people in a night club. It can hype up the fans of every live performers or concerts. It adds fresh atmosphere in every bars. It makes every haunted houses scarier and creepier. It carries out every event into the highest level of the excitement.

Samples of Best CO2 Backpack Cannon

If you are interested of having a CO2 backpack cannon, I highly recommend you these fog machine simulation gadgets made from the leading brands in the market, such as CryoFX. These products are specially made with impressive features that will surely meet your expected outcomes in every event you are going to organize.

1. The Cryo Gun and CO2 Backpack

Above all fog machines, the Cryo gun and CO2 backpack is the bestselling package made by CryoFX. This fog machine similarity is one of the most flexible equipment in the market that it fits perfectly in any DJ system and even in mobile production. Choosing this handheld Co2 machine guarantees flexibility and easy to use feature without the possibility of getting yourself stripped from the hoses spread out everywhere.

Weighing 4.53kg, this package pnly costs a few hundred dollars and you are free to use it anywhere and anytime you want to. The specific inclusions of this package are CO2 backpack that carries the tank safely time to time, a handheld Cryo gun that can be maneuvered easily and a high quality high pressure liquid co2 hose by the CryoFX with a length of 1.52 meters that can be wrapped around the user’s body. It also comes with brass fitting to keep the hose connected properly to the CO2 tank while producing fog plumes during the event.

To keep you guided, the package also includes a manual, safety guidelines and a set of frequently asked questions. This helps you to solve some common problems alone in order to avoid wasting time waiting for the technical support. Since there are also some circumstances that may occur, the company also offers a one-year warranty in terms of operational and mechanical defects of the backpack cannon.

2. The Backpack + 5lb tank package

With the airbrush system designed in this machine, this 5lb backpack cannon from the CryoFX provides mobility to the user as the show goes on. It can carry 5lb to 10lb aluminum CO2 cannon which gives more convenience. This fog machine works perfectly in night clubs, bars and even in live performances for as long as it requires mobile airbrush. For more info, you can reach them through +1-8-555+527+9639 or you can email them to [email protected].

3. CryoFX Cryo Gun + Backpack + Tank

This complete mobile Cryo System backpack cannon stands out above all the fog machines in the market. Unlike other machines, this CO2 tank backpack allows you to use it easily and helps you to maximize your time. You can just fill the tank with CO2 and just wait for a couple of minutes, then you’re good to go.

Comparing to other fog machines, this Cryo Tank Backpack made with a lightweight material but the it does not affect the performance of it. It can be used easily and can be set up quickly as well making it perfect for beginners when it comes to this matter. Since it’s made from lightweight materials, you can carry it anywhere you wanted and use it anytime you want. What made this machine more amazing is that, it does not require electricity when it use. Therefor you can roam around the area while shooting CO2 everywhere. This is to give convenience to all the costumers of CryoFX. The gun that was made with this fog machine is capable of shooting CO2 clouds between 7 to 10 meters wide. It also features custom nozzle colors and custom hose length for your own comfort.

  • The inclusions of this package are:
  • A handheld Cryogun designed with 10” nozzle.
  • 20lb CO2 tank made from Aluminum Non-Siphon Tube
  • A good quality of high pressure hose from CryoFX brand
  • Durable backpack to carry out a 10lb or 20lb of CO2 tank
  • User’s book covering the Manual, Safety Guidelines and a FAQ sheet
  • A one-year warranty when an operation or mechanical defects occur in the CO2 backpack.

Conclusions on the Co2 Backpack Cannon Package

In organizing an event, it is important to consider the safety and security of your guest and staffs. Also, the entertainment should not be dull and boring because it will give you a negative feedback as an event organizer. With that matter, you must have an investment that will bring advantage and positive feedback to your career. Unlike those steady fog machines, you must upgrade your equipment with the CO2 tank backpack cannon to make your event more exciting and fascinating. This will give you more convenience since you can control the direction of the CO2 Clouds. Sticking with it requires to have a reliable tank backpacks. You don’t want your backpack cannon to fell apart, right? Therefore, I highly recommend you the products from Cryo Tank Backpack. These backpacks are proven durable and long lasting.




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