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Co2 Backpack Tank • Co2 Backpack

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Co2 Backpack Tank

The CO2 BACK PACK BY CryoFX allows mobility. It allows you to go mobile with your CO2 canon and CO2 gun.

It comes with a Co2 Backpack Tank manual, safety guidelines and frequently asked questions (FAQ), twelve months warranty against operational/ mechanical defects, timely customer service through phone, text and mail. The CO2 tank and CO2 are excluded from the CO2 backup package, unless you choose to buy a package that includes all, or part, of the three.

How to use a CO2 BACKPACK TANK

The Co2 Backpack Tank is used together with a 20lb or 10lb CO2 tank. It is easy to use and setup, basically by strapping your Co2 Backpack Tank then, once ensuring it is secure, strapping the Co2 Backpack Tank right to your back. You Simply have to strap the backpack on to the CO2 tank then strap the backpack onto your back. Just like that! Well, not so much…as there are safety precautions to take with the Co2 Backpack Tank setup.

Caution: When setting up the Co2 Backpack Tank, it is highly recommended you have an additional person help you set it up. Not only may some of the strapping and securing be hard to do by oneself, but placing the backpack/tank combo onto your back without help is dangerous and should not be attempted without additional help. The reason for this you ask? The Co2 Tank is under a high amount of pressure. If the tank neck were to break off or get damaged, the co2 would flow out at a very high rate and this could damage or injure someone in close proximity.

So to avoid any dangers, grab the second helping hand and strap the backpack onto your back. Once on your back, you can move about the stage freely and without disruption from co2 hoses on the floor.

Co2 Backpack Tanks Info

Should you need to switch tanks fast for some reason, having multiple Co2 Backpack Tanks is ideal. This way you can have two or more setup at once and change-out would be as simple as switching Co2 Backpack Tanks only, since the tanks are already prepared and strapped into the Co2 Backpack Tank before the live show.

Note that the Co2 Backpack can only carry up to a maximum of 20lb

The Co2 Backpack Tank can be used with 10 pound, 15 pound, and 20 pound CO2 tanks, most common for special-effects purposes. The Co2 Backpack Tank can also be used with 2.5 pounds and 10 pound tanks as well, for other uses such as airbrushing and anything that requires CO2 or high pressured air and want to be mobile as the user.

Please take a strong advisory that CO2 tanks come in both steel and aluminum. The weight difference between the two is enough to make safety a concern for the Co2 Backpack Tank if you use the wrong one.

This Co2 Backpack Tank will work with 5 pound and 10 pound steel or aluminum CO2 tanks, however it is only recommended for aluminum CO2 tanks in sizes 15 pound and 20 pound.

This advisory is in effect because Steele CO2 tanks full of CO2 are much happier than aluminum CO2 tanks full of CO2.

A 20 pound aluminum CO2 tank normally only weighs 49 pounds full.

A 20 pound steel CO2 tank, on the contrary, weighs upwards of 80 to 90 or even 100 pounds when it’s full of CO2, depending on the make and type of tank.

As you can see there is a big difference between the two weights and therefore the weight bearing load on the straps of the Co2 Backpack Tank to create safety issues and therefore it is advised that you only use aluminum CO2 tanks with the Co2 Backpack Tank when you’re using 15 pound or 20 pound tanks.

The Co2 Backpack Tank CANNOT withstand any type of Co2 Tank or similar over the size of a 20lb tank, or the weight of 70 pounds. We would not thing that anyone would want to carry anything over 70 pounds in the first place, but you never know!

The Co2 Backpack Tank Is used in stage productions, night clubs, live performances, concerts, live performances, bars, haunted houses, special effects etc.

The Co2 Backpack weighs approximately 8 pounds with a dimension of 6 by 14 by 24 inches. The shipping weight of the Co2 Backpack is 12 pounds. Get your backpack for co2 tanks today from CryoFX as you will be glad you did. When you have the ability to go mobile with the co2 tank and Co2 Backpack Tank combo, the ideas are endless, and that’s where the creativity starts!

Please note: There are other Co2 Backpack Tanks from other suppliers that may look similar to the Co2 Backpack Tanks CryoFX carries. We can assure you they are not and in fact are not safe at all. Minor rips in the straps or cracks in the plastic can be catastrophic and not only ruin your event but cause serious injury.