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The Co2 Smoke Machine is the Trade Name for Either a Fog Machine or a Co2 Jet Machine,

Both of which are available for Rent or Purchase from CryoFX.

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Co2 Smoke Machines and Co2 Cannon Special Effects

Co2 smoke machines are prevalent for conducting special events or occasion in the 21st century. In making the event more spectacular, you need some sugar and spice to make it possible.

To release the cryogenic gas within the area, a unique theatrical smoke machine is required. The CryoFX ® are some of the best co2 smoke machine type, co2 cannon manufacturers around the world. They are said to be the leaders in making the best Co2 special effect equipment. Each machine was built with firm and durable materials compared to other products from their competitors. They are capable of handling cryonic temperature which other machines can’t take and end up getting frozen. Co2 smoke machines and Co2 Cannons from this most outstanding company come with better features compared to regular equipment. They still work perfectly despite being under extreme pressure and temperature resulting in glamorous effects. It’s not glamorous, but it also looks like dense white clouds which improve the beauty of the stage and lighting effects.

Companies like CryoFX® are accommodating for making the most outstanding event results possible. They usually create a specific co2 cannon, similar to the co2 smoke machine, with an easy-to-install feature and can be manipulated easily. It is very convenient for people who have no idea on how to control it. It allows you to customize the smoke effects that you want to release as the party goes on in your backyard or inside the venue. To prove the product’s credibility, in just a short time span, you can release beautiful and stunning smoke effects with different colors. I am pretty sure that it will impress everyone in the party. The presence of Co2 special effect helps in improving the current situation of your holiday parties or New Year Celebration. Your crowd will surely enjoy it and watch as they party harder as they get impressed with the explosion of fresh cryo co2 smoke.

Co2 smoke machines and co2 cannons made by CryoFX®

Co2 smoke machines and co2 cannons made by CryoFX® are considered some of the safest equipment to use for conducting a party such as concerts, sporting events, night parties and even corporate fundraising event. The company is located in San Diego and is also considered as the leading manufacturer of co2 smoke machine / co2 cannon in the field of special effects and entertainment. The manufacturer also made a customized co2 smoke machine for Disney’s Live-Action film, Frozen. The device was installed Custom CO2 system for better and stunning results. They also created a specialized tool for “Ride of Your Life” commercial – a Nissan company product. It also helps a lot for DJ in Nightclubs as the beat of music matched perfectly on the co2 smoke effects. It makes the crowd more aggressive and wilder.

Are you planning to host an event? The products of CryoFX® are perfect for indoor or outdoor events. Do not hesitate invest from one of their pieces because I guarantee you that all of their projects have a good performance. Their company sells different types of a co2 smoke machines, co2 cannons, custom co2 systems, and they also offered rental equipment. It is more convenient if you contact them earlier so you can request for equipment with specialized effects. For more information, you visit their website at www.CryoFX.com.