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Co2 Tank Dimensions CryoFX. Know Co2 Tank Dimensions So You Can Plan Spacing Accordingly!

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Facts you should know about the CO2 tank dimensions.

A CO2 tank is used to store Carbon dioxide in both liquid & gaseous form. The Cylinder has a regulated and a high pressure gauge used to measure the amount of CO2 left in the cylinder.

CryoFX is highly recommended supplier of the CO2 tanks.

Note that while prices vary on the basis of location and other factors, CryoFX assures its customers of the best prices because it books nationally and so many accounts are handled by them.

Other advantages of buying CryoFX CO2 cylinders include:

• massive output,
• performance at high standards,
• they are easy to order either online by use of the online order form, by physical visit of the showrooms in San Diego or on phone (619) 855- 2796.

The CO2 tank dimensions and the CO2 cylinder size vary by size, weight and purpose.

The 135Lbs, weighing 240 pounds Co2 tank size is the most efficient for cooling the dance floor at high-energy night clubs and for extended special effect sets. The largest CO2 bottle dimension and size at 135 pounds delivers more plumes of CO2 smoke than smaller ones at a limit usage of 3:45 minutes. It is easy to transport and it is purposed for stationary use. Therefore, it is at its optimum when placed on a flat surface. The CO2 cylinder dimensions are 74 by 11 inches.

Does your application use a CGA 320 style CO2 valve? It must if it’s a Co2 tank as all Co2 Tanks come with this style of fitting in the USA. This valve is also on the 135lb steel CO2 tank size as well. Its high pressure and large duration of supply is efficient for any type of application requiring Carbon dioxide in large quantities with minimal numbers of CO2 tanks. This tank comes in either siphoned (liquid supply) or non siphoned (gas supply) and disperses plenty of CO2 .

The short CO2 tank size of 100 pounds is suitable for small productions and 2 minutes and forty five seconds special smoke effect. This CO2 tank dimension is 62 by 105 inches.

The CO2 tank dimension and CO2 cylinder size are summarized below:

CO2Tank dimensions/ CO2 cylinder dimensions in inches.

CO2 tank size/ CO2 bottle size in pounds

Average time of the CO2 bottle size and bottle dimension

14 by 4.26


0.05 seconds

18.26 by 5.5


0.10 seconds

20.5 by 7


0.20 seconds

27 by 7


0.30 seconds

27.6 by 8


0.40 seconds

37.8 by 8


1 minute

47 by 8


1.25 minutes

60 by 9.26


2.15 minute

62 by 105


2.45 minutes

We all can agree that CryoFX offers the best CO2 tanks in terms of variety and pricing compared to other companies. CryoFX refills all types and CO2 tank sizes. Their after sales services include: deliveries, pick-ups etc.

Now that you are well informed on some of the larger tanks, if you have any questions or want to know more about tanks, go ahead and make your order either online or via phone. You can give CryoFX a call at (619) 855-2796. Also, you can Contact [email protected] or (+1-855-527-9639) for orders and info.

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