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Facts you should know about the CO2 tank dimensions.

A CO2 tank is used to store Carbon dioxide in both liquid & gaseous form. The Cylinder has a regulated and a high pressure gauge used to measure the amount of CO2 left in the cylinder.

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The CO2 tank dimensions and the CO2 cylinder size vary by size, weight and purpose.

The 135Lbs, weighing 240 pounds Co2 tank size is the most efficient for cooling the dance floor at high-energy night clubs and for extended special effect sets. The largest CO2 bottle dimension and size at 135 pounds delivers more plumes of CO2 smoke than smaller ones at a limit usage of 3:45 minutes. It is easy to transport and it is purposed for stationary use. Therefore, it is at its optimum when placed on a flat surface. The CO2 cylinder dimensions are 74 by 11 inches.

Does your application use a CGA 320 style CO2 valve? It must if it’s a Co2 tank as all Co2 Tanks come with this style of fitting in the USA. This valve is also on the 135lb steel CO2 tank size as well. Its high pressure and large duration of supply is efficient for any type of application requiring Carbon dioxide in large quantities with minimal numbers of CO2 tanks. This tank comes in either siphoned (liquid supply) or non siphoned (gas supply) and disperses plenty of CO2 .

The short CO2 tank size of 100 pounds is suitable for small productions and 2 minutes and forty five seconds special smoke effect. This CO2 tank dimension is 62 by 105 inches.

The CO2 tank dimension and CO2 cylinder size are summarized below:

CO2Tank dimensions/ CO2 cylinder dimensions in inches.

CO2 tank size/ CO2 bottle size in pounds

Average time of the CO2 bottle size and bottle dimension

14 by 4.26


0.05 seconds

18.26 by 5.5


0.10 seconds

20.5 by 7


0.20 seconds

27 by 7


0.30 seconds

27.6 by 8


0.40 seconds

37.8 by 8


1 minute

47 by 8


1.25 minutes

60 by 9.26


2.15 minute

62 by 105


2.45 minutes

We all can agree that CryoFX offers the best CO2 tanks in terms of variety and pricing compared to other companies. CryoFX refills all types and CO2 tank sizes. Their after sales services include: deliveries, pick-ups etc.


Aluminum Co2 Tank Dimensions

Note, these co2 cylinder sizes and co2 tank sizes listed below are standard for most aluminum co2 cylinders.
These may vary depending on manufacturer and build. If your looking for steel co2 tank sizes, we have that information available at 



Most common questions regarding Co2 tank sizes / Co2 tank dimensions:

What size do CO2 tanks come in?

Co2 Tanks come in many sizes, and types. Smaller tanks sized 5lb to 135lb are sized by tweo factors: actual dimensions and volume. Aluminum and steel are close and similar, with respect to dimensions, which differs slightly but are the same with respect to volume they hold or are filled to. Bulk Co2 Tanks are much larger and sized on their own scale by volume.


What are the dimensions of a 20lb CO2 cylinder?

Following the answer above, a 20lb Aluminum Co2 Tanks Dimension is normally 8" diameter by 24" height without handle, 28" with handle. A Steel 20lb Co2 tank dimensions may be the same or differ slighty, for example 7.5" or 8.5" and 22" height or 25" height depending on manufacturer.


How big is a 10lb CO2 tank?

A 10lb Co2 Tank is generally 7" diameter by 16-17" height. Again this varies based on manufacturer and make of tank, steel versus aluminum. The chart on this page will be able to assist on both.


How tall is a 50 pound CO2 tank?

A 50lb tank is generally 46" tall. Depending whether it is a 50lb steel co2 tank or a 50lb aluminum co2 tank, this may vary to 47" or for a short 50lb Co2 Tank, could be 40"-42".


Are all CO2 tanks the same?

No, all co2 tanks are not the same. There are Gas output co2 tanks or cylinders (no siphon tube), Liquid output, or liquid delivery co2 tank or cylinders, also called Siphon Tube Co2 Tanks (Eductor Tube, Dip Tube etc), and Bulk Co2 Tanks, which hold large amounts of Co2 at lower temps and lower pressures than the cylinders. More info on the differences is available here: https://Youtube.com/CryoFX


What are the sizes of gas cylinders?

Sizes of gas cylinders vary. Co2 Gas cylinders come in many sizes and types. More info on them is available at https://Youtube.com/CryoFX


How long will 20lb CO2 tank last in grow room?

A 20lb Co2 tank will last a different amount of time in every grow room. Reason being: Air In/Out, Size, Dimensions, PPM Level Desired/Set and type of Regulation, if any, on the tank itself.

For example, a 20lb Co2 Tank could last a few days in a grow room the size of a bedroom if there is no air in/out, slow co2 dosing to a PPM of 700, and smaller one bedroom. Change the PPM higher, will not last as long, or change the air flow in and out, also will run empty much faster, and yet so, have the regulator set to allow more output, it will emmpty the tank much faster. 


Can you buy full CO2 tanks online?

Yes, at CryoFX.com. This is a special request as the shipping of a full Co2 tank must be ground, and generally ono truck freight, with Hazmat Class and Emergancy contact noted. Otherwise it is easier to purchase an empty co2 tank and get it filled by CryoFX at https://Co2-Delivery.com

Note: CryoFX® has shipped thousands of full co2 tanks to many parts of the world, generally larger 100lb Co2 Tanks and 135lb Co2 Cylinders, to placed like Antigua, Carribean, Saudia Arabia, Africa and much more. 


How big of a CO2 tank do I need for a keg?

Typically a 5lb Co2 tank or 10lb Co2 tank will work. However, the smaller the co2 tank, the quicker you will need to get it refilled. Getting a larger tank will allow more use time and less trips to the fill center.


How tall is a 5lb CO2 tank?

A 5lb Co2 tank is generally 14" tall however this varies slightly based on make, model, and type (Steel vs Aluminum.)


How much does a full 10 lb CO2 tank weigh?

A 10lb Co2 tank can weigh anywhere from 15-33lbs full depending on the type. For instance a full 10lb steel co2 tank would weight roughly 33lbs, whereas a full 10lb aluminum co2 tank would weigh about 20-25lbs depending on make/model.


How many pounds of CO2 are in a cylinder?

This depends on what size co2 cylinder you are referring to. The name of the Co2 Cylinder is generally referencing the pounds of co2 it can hold at 65-69% full (which is standard for the liquid/gas/pressure to remain within parameters). For instance a 5lb Co2 Cylinder holds 5 pounds of co2 at 68% full. A 50lb Co2 Tank holds 50 pounds of Co2 at 68% full. 



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Carbon dioxide (CO2) tanks are commonly used for a variety of applications, from carbonating beverages to powering paintball guns. When it comes to choosing the right CO2 tank for your needs, one important factor to consider is the tank's dimensions. In this article, we'll explore the dimensions of various CO2 tank sizes, including the 5lb, 10lb, 20lb, 35lb, 50lb, 75lb, 100lb, and 200lb tanks.


The 5lb CO2 tank dimensions are typically around 18 inches in height and 5.25 inches in diameter. These tanks are small and portable, making them a popular choice for homebrewers, as well as for use in aquariums and small beverage systems. A 5lb CO2 tank can typically dispense around 5-7 kegs of beer.


Moving up in size, the 10lb CO2 tank dimensions are approximately 20 inches in height and 7 inches in diameter. These tanks are still fairly portable, but they can hold twice as much CO2 as a 5lb tank. This makes them a popular choice for small to medium-sized beverage systems, as well as for use in paintball guns.


The 20lb CO2 tank dimensions are roughly 27 inches in height and 8 inches in diameter. These tanks are commonly used in larger beverage systems, as well as for welding and industrial applications. A 20lb CO2 tank can dispense around 10-14 kegs of beer.


For even larger applications, the 35lb CO2 tank dimensions are around 34 inches in height and 7 inches in diameter. These tanks are primarily used in industrial and commercial settings, such as in restaurants and bars. A 35lb CO2 tank can dispense around 17-24 kegs of beer.


The 50lb CO2 tank dimensions are approximately 47 inches in height and 8 inches in diameter. These tanks are primarily used in larger commercial settings, such as in breweries and large bars. A 50lb CO2 tank can dispense around 25-35 kegs of beer.


Moving up to the 75lb CO2 tank dimensions, these tanks are around 53 inches in height and 10 inches in diameter. These tanks are primarily used in industrial and welding applications, as well as for large beverage systems. A 75lb CO2 tank can dispense around 37-52 kegs of beer.


For even larger applications, the 100lb CO2 tank dimensions are approximately 55 inches in height and 14 inches in diameter. These tanks are primarily used in industrial and welding applications, as well as for large beverage systems. A 100lb CO2 tank can dispense around 50-70 kegs of beer.


Finally, the largest CO2 tank size is the 200lb tank, which is around 66 inches in height and 20 inches in diameter. These tanks are primarily used in industrial and welding applications, as well as for very large beverage systems. A 200lb CO2 tank can dispense around 100-140 kegs of beer.


It's important to note that the above dimensions are just approximate, and actual dimensions may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer and specific model of the CO2 tank. Additionally, it's important to consider not just the size of the tank, but also the weight and pressure of the CO2 inside the tank. This information is typically labeled on the tank, and it's important to follow all safety guidelines and regulations when handling and using CO2 tanks.