CO2 Special Effects Equipment Repair Service

CryoFX® offers co2 jet repair / co2 cannon repair services, as well as special effects equipment repair services. The type of service, level of service, and timeframe will all depend on many items, including type of equipment, the damage or repair needed, availability of parts, and more.

The best, and only, way to inquire about repair services is to submit a ticket via the link on this page: https://www.cryofx.com/repairs

Please note our service department only handles incoming service requests and emails 2 times a week, therefore submitting multiple requests will only delay in response and clog up the system.

If you are in need of faster service, there is a premium service option for an additional cost. Please indicate the date you need your equipment back to you and we will include details and costs in teh email reply we send to you.


CO2 Special Effects Equipment Repairs and Troubleshooting