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Fog Machine Relation to Co2 Special Effects

Are you looking for the best equipment in making your event cooler and more exciting? Consider the fog machine as an option. It may sound expensive, but I’m pretty, sure that it will help you solve your problems.

I know it’s hard to look for the best fog machine that suits perfectly on your taste. You may consider this suggestion. It is a proven and tested product and a lot of people who already experienced its greatness can testify that.

In order to fulfill the venue with a cool fog, you need to have a CO2 Cannon, similar to a fog machine. It releases cryogenic gas around the venue and mind you, it won’t harm your guests’ health. CryoFX® is known as the best fog machine manufacturer as their product performs better compared to other equipment. Co2 Cannons, also mistakenly referred to smoke machines (which CryoFX does have Smoke machines also) made by them come with interesting features such as functioning during an extreme pressure and temperature. Compared to other products, CO2 special effects can handle different temperature that a brand less equipment can’t do it. They probably got frozen easily and it shuts down quickly. These fog machines are also capable in releasing colorful smoke that will surely stun and impress your guest. As the party gone deeper, the colorful clouds from the machine will them wilder and more satisfied.

Where to Source a Fog Machine

It is very difficult to find a reliable company in purchasing this kind of project. Of course you don’t want your investments gone to waste. But we’re lucky that reliable companies such as CryoFX® exist. They provide, well just about every type of special effect if you ask, but specifically co2 jets and fog machines that can be installed easily and with an easy to understand manual operator. Their projects suits perfectly for beginners who wants to have a grand occasion or large events. You don’t have to worry about making it work. In just a period of time with proper operations, you can create smoke effects with different colors. Even elder guests will surely get impressed by its magnificent result. Even though you’re only celebrating Year End parties or simple holiday events, the presence of co2 jets and fog machines will surely make it better.

As what I have mentioned above, the smoke releases by the fog machine is safe. Even children in the party are allowed to experience the coolness of the colorful smoke without harming themselves. It is also safe to use during sports events, birthday parties, and fashion show and even on a fundraising events. I am sure that your investments won’t go to waste since the CryoFX® Company is known as the best manufacturer of fog machine similar co2 jets. They are also popular in the field of special effects and entertainment industries, which is apparent due to the nature of the business they are in. Past projects have shown their specialized fog machines and co2 cannons for important events such as Disney’s Frozen Live-Action, and co2 jet Systems to perform customized smoke effect for Nissan’s commercial, “Ride of Your Life”.

Are you having a hard time on choosing what the best is for you? Worry no more! The CryoFX® team is there to fulfill your needs. You can contact them at (619) 855-2796 for more information.





Fog machines have been around for decades, used primarily for special effects in entertainment and theatrical productions. They have become an essential tool for creating a wide range of visual atmospheres, from spooky haunted houses to dreamy wedding settings. In this article, we will explore the different types of fog machines available in the market and their unique features.


The most common type of fog machine is the portable fog machine. As its name suggests, it is lightweight and easy to move around, making it ideal for smaller productions or events. Portable fog machines come in different sizes, with varying output capabilities, and they typically use a water-based fog juice that produces a thick, white fog that dissipates quickly.


The DMX controlled fog machine, on the other hand, is ideal for larger productions that require precise control over the fog output. It is typically linked to a lighting console, allowing the lighting technician to control the fog intensity and duration with the same level of precision as the lighting cues. DMX controlled fog machines come in different sizes and can use either water-based or oil-based fog juice.


The haze fog machine is designed to create a light, translucent fog that hangs in the air for an extended period. Unlike the thick, white fog produced by other fog machines, the haze fog machine's output is more subtle, creating a gentle atmosphere that is perfect for concerts, dance parties, or any event where lighting effects are essential. Haze fog machines use a water-based fog juice and typically come in larger sizes.


Low lying fog machines are another type of fog machine used in productions. They produce a ground-hugging fog that creates a spooky and eerie atmosphere, perfect for Halloween events or haunted houses. Low lying fog machines use dry ice to create the fog effect, and the fog produced is denser than other types of fog, creating a mist-like effect that stays close to the ground.


Dry ice fog machines work by heating dry ice to produce a dense, fog-like vapor. The fog produced is colder and denser than other types of fog, making it ideal for creating an eerie or mystical atmosphere. However, dry ice fog machines can be challenging to set up and operate, and they require special handling due to the risk of carbon dioxide exposure.


Water-based fog machines are the most common type of fog machine and are typically used in smaller productions or events. They use a water-based fog juice that is easy to find and affordable. Water-based fog machines produce a thick, white fog that dissipates quickly, making them ideal for creating a dense fog effect quickly.


Oil-based fog machines, on the other hand, produce a denser and longer-lasting fog that is perfect for creating a spooky or mystical atmosphere. However, oil-based fog juice is more expensive and harder to find than water-based fog juice. Oil-based fog machines are typically larger than water-based fog machines, making them ideal for larger productions.


Finally, vertical fog machines are designed to produce a column of fog that rises straight up into the air. Vertical fog machines can be used to create a range of effects, from simple fog columns to intricate patterns or shapes. They are typically larger than other types of fog machines, and they can use either water-based or oil-based fog juice.


In conclusion, fog machines have become an essential tool for creating visual atmospheres in various entertainment and theatrical productions. The type of fog machine you choose will depend on your specific needs and the atmosphere you want to create. Whether you need a portable fog machine for a small event or a DMX controlled fog machine for a larger production, there is a fog machine available for every need. By understanding the different types of fog machines available, you can choose the perfect machine for your next event or production.