Co2 Special Effects Rentals

See video below regarding CryoFX® rentals and how they work.


 To book a Co2 Cannon rental or Co2 Special Effects Rental, Please click here "Co2 Cannon Rental "

All Rentals by CryoFX®

CryoFX® currently offers rentals on most products found on our products page to all 50 states within the United States ONLY. Most rentals require a minimum lead time of 1 week prior to event, however this is subject to availability and other factors which surround the rental. Shipping of the rental to its rental destination is covered in initial quote, unless otherwise stated or discussed. Return shipping and proper packaging of the rental is the responsibility of the renting party. For more information see our videos below on this page.

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Local Pickup & Delivery

CryoFX® currently ships rentals to all 50 states.

CryoFX® currently offers professional on site management, operation, and facilitation of rental gear to all 50 states as a service.

CryoFX® also offers local pickup in Las Vegas, NV (by appointment only and only after a completed and paid for rental process is complete) to those who wish to pickup locally.

CryoFX® also offers local pickup in most major cities for specific rentals when booked in advance.


Hired Services [Design/Planning/Setup/Operation] by CryoFX®

See video below regarding CryoFX® Hired Services and how they work.


The option to hire CryoFX® specialists to setup and operate equipment for your event is available. CryoFX® provides on call and on-site service for any type of event requiring Co2 Special Effects. Stand-by technicians up through senior level technicians are available for all types of events, co2 systems, and rentals. Larger events require a minimum lead time of 3 weeks prior to event, in most scenarios. For questions contact us at 8-555-CRYOFX (855-527-9639) Ext. 2

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CryoFX Co2 Cannons and Co2 Jets

CryoFX® Rental Provisions

All rentals require signed documentation before rental is to be scheduled for shipment or delivery. In the event the rental is shipped, the rental becomes the renters responsibility once shipped from CryoFX warehouse. Should any damage to any equipment be discovered upon receiving equipment, this should be reported to CryoFX and the Shipping company by the renter within 72 hours. In the event the rental is delivered, the rental becomes the renters responsibility once dropped off at destination from delivery team.

For questions please contact us at:

Direct Message
Email- [email protected]
8-555-CRYOFX (855-527-9639)

Rent-To-Own Program

CryoFX® also offers a Rent-To-Own option for most of the products found on our products page. The Rent-To-Own Program is for those clients who want to rent CryoFX products with an option to buy, or simply don’t want to be locked in to a purchase just yet. The program works like this:

1. Select the products you are interested in.
2. Contact CryoFX to inform us of your choice to participate in the Rent-To-Own Program.
3. CryoFX® will inform you of daily rental rate for product(s) selected.
4. Once rental rate for selected product(s) is received, pay full amount of product(s) cost up front as a security deposit for selected product(s).
5. Product(s) will ship to address provided.
6. Daily rental charge will start the same day product(s) arrives at address. (Example: Product(s) are delivered Monday at 2:30pm. Monday counts as day 1 of rental period.) Daily rental charge will end the day before the product(s) are shipped back to CryoFX via UPS. This is the same day the product(s) are scanned into UPS system (informing us the product(s) are in the control of UPS). (Example: Product(s) arrive Monday at 2:30pm. You decide to return product(s) and ship them back to CryoFX on Wednesday, dropping them of at UPS store anytime before close of business the same day. You will only be charged 2 day rental for days Monday and Tuesday.)
7. Use product(s) as long as you desire.
8. If you decide to keep product(s), simply do not return product(s) to CryoFX. The rental automatically converts to a purchase and you will not owe any additional monies. Warranty on product(s) starts the same day product(s) were paid for (purchased).
9. If you decide to return product(s) before rental charge per day equals that of total deposit paid for (see example 1 below), repackage product(s) in original packaging and ship back to CryoFX at the address listed below. Return shipping is paid by client and may be handled one of two ways, either by covering cost of shipping personally (tracking number must be provided to CryoFX immediately to confirm UPS has accepted product(s) into their control) or by contacting CryoFX to initiate a return label which will be emailed to you. In this instance, cost of return label shall be deducted from refund amount (difference of rental charge and deposit amount paid) and shall only be approved if cost of return shipping is of lesser value than refund amount owed.


(Example 1: “Product A” is rented under the Rent-To-Own Program with a deposit of $1800 placed up front. The rental charge for “Product A” is $300 per day. “Product A” ships out and arrives to you on Friday December 28. You use “Product A” for the weekend and decide to return it on Tuesday January 1, immediately informing CryoFX of such decision so CryoFX may initiate a return label for you to use. CryoFX initiates return label costing $35 and provides you with label via email. You print label, place on product(s) and drop product(s) off at UPS store before close of business on Tuesday January 1. You will have “Rented” “Product A” for a total of 4 days; Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. You would be charged $300/day times 4 days which equals $1200. Once “Product A” arrives in CryoFX possession, it is tested to ensure it is in normal working and operational order with no damage. Once condition is verified, an amount of $565 ($1800 deposit-$1200 rental-$35 return shipping) will be refunded to you via method originally paid for.)

Using same example above, the following would show a “Rental” under the Rent-To-Own Program that, by default, would not be accepted to CryoFX and would therefore be converted to a sale. It is at this point that returning the product(s) to CryoFX is NOT authorized and not recommended as additional shipping fees may be applied to receive “Purchased” items back.

(Example 2: “Product A” is rented under the Rent-To-Own Program with a deposit of $1800 placed up front. The rental charge for “Product A” is $300 per day. “Product A” ships out and arrives to you on Friday December 28. You use “Product A” for the weekend and decide to return it on Thursday January 3 (or any day after). You inform CryoFX of such decision to return product(s) and ask CryoFX to initiate return label for you to use. CryoFX will deny the return label and inform you your total “Rental” amount per day has equaled your deposit amount (rental charge of $300/day times 6 days; Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, equaling $1800). If you do not contact CryoFX and decide to ship product(s) back to CryoFX, covering the return shipping personally, the return product(s) will not be accepted by CryoFX under the rental agreement and instead be held for reclaiming by client. At this point it is clients responsibility to contact CryoFX to reclaim product(s) and shipping of product(s) back to client shall be clients responsibility.)

In example 2 above, no amount will be refunded and possible additional shipping fees may be applied.





Make your Events Memorable with CO2 Cannon Rental Near You

Explore the myriad of possibilities for creating your unique atmospheric effects with our range of special effects equipment and party products. From theatrical smoke to fog and confetti, we offer a diverse selection of fun and visually stunning effects for your events or parties. Bring your event to life with CryoFX rentals. Leverage our services for CO2 cannon rental near you, or rent our special effects and party equipment today. Entertain your crowd like a pro, as renting your own special effects machine and accessories is now more affordable than ever through CryoFX.

All our rental equipment available on the site is subject to availability! Kindly provide the dates of your party or corporate event for convenient service. To learn further details about our rental program, please visit this link or contact our team.

Reliable CO2 Cannon Rental Near You

At CryoFX, we offer convenient and efficient CO2 cannon rental services that can help you provide a dynamic and visually stunning addition to any event. These CO2 cannons are engineered to deliver breathtaking plumes of CO2 that captivate audiences and create an enthralling atmosphere. The sheer power and versatility of these cannons make them a must-have for event planners and organizers looking to add that extra wow factor.

Applications of CO2 Cannon Rental 

Our CO2 cannon rental services are multipurpose and can be applied to various events and occasions. Here are some popular applications:

  • Concerts and music festivals- Enhance the energy of live performances with dramatic CO2 bursts, creating an electrifying atmosphere for concertgoers.
  • Nightclub and DJ events- Elevate the club experience with pulsating CO2 plumes synchronized to the beats that add a dynamic visual element to the dance floor.
  • Weddings and celebrations- Make your special day truly memorable by incorporating CO2 effects during key moments, such as the first dance or grand entrance.
  • Corporate events- Impress clients and colleagues by adding a touch of spectacle to corporate gatherings, product launches, and trade shows with CO2 cannon rentals.

Leverage our CO2 Cryo Gun Rental Services

In addition to CO2 cannons, we offer our signature CO2 cryo gun rental services, adding a handheld element to your event's special effects arsenal. These Cryo guns allow for exact control over CO2 bursts, making them ideal for interactive experiences, stage performances, and intimate settings. Here are the advantages of incorporating cryo guns into your event:

  • Portable and multipurpose- Cryo guns are handheld, allowing for mobility and versatility in creating captivating effects throughout different areas of your venue.
  • Audience interaction- Engage your audience by allowing performers or event attendees to wield the cryo gun, creating a unique and immersive experience.
  • Perfect for intimate events- Cryo guns are well-suited for smaller venues, private parties, and events where a more personal and up-close experience is desired.

CryoFX Rental Services – Why Choose Us

Our rental services are the go-to choice for event planners, production companies, and individuals looking to enhance their events with captivating visual effects.

    • Convenient and cost-effective solutions- Experience the convenience and cost-effectiveness of renting a CO2 cannon from CryoFX. This option allows you to make a significant impact on your event without the need for a substantial upfront investment.
    • Comprehensive rental packages for convenient experience- Our CO2 cannon rental packages include everything you need for a smooth experience, from the CO2 tank to the cannon and the sophisticated control system. Let us handle the installation and operation to ensure a smooth execution of your desired effects.
    • Customization for unique event requirements- Leverage the flexibility of our CO2 cannon rental, offering a diverse range of equipment options to meet your specific event requirements. Choose from the myriad of equipment options to create the visual impact you want according to the unique theme and ambiance of your event.
    • Flexibility in usage and budget-friendly options- Opting for CO2 cannon rental provides flexibility, especially if you only need the equipment for a one-time event. Save money by renting instead of purchasing outright and avoid concerns about storage and maintenance when the equipment is not in use.
    • Diverse equipment options for visual excellence- Choose from a diverse range of equipment options with our rental services. Our services allow you to customize your experience with features such as color effects, confetti launchers, and smoke machines.
  • Stress-free events with our expertise- Enjoy stress-free events with us handling every aspect of CO2 cannon rental, from installation to operation. Our comprehensive services guarantee a professional and hassle-free rental experience.

Choose CryoFX for CO2 Cannon Rental Near You

Our rental services offer a practical, flexible, and customizable solution for individuals and organizations aiming to elevate their events with stunning visual effects. When you choose CryoFX, you not only gain access to top-tier equipment but can also benefit from a professional and comprehensive rental experience that ensures the success and safety of your upcoming event. Contact us today!