iSparkFX™ Cold Spark Machine Granules Pack Only

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1x 200g Pack iSparkFX™ M2 Granules ONLY...NO RFID Card Included

For use on most cold spark machines, whether requiring card or not. See description.


iSparkFX™ Cold Spark Fountain Granules

iSparkFX™ Granules are a Non-Toxic powder made of a mixture of Zirconium and Titanium. Each of these compounds are non flammable individually or mixed. The mixture was created to give the optimum glow. The mixture of iSparkFX™ Granules does glow when internally, & electronically, heat activated with the iSparkFX™ Cold Spark Machine . There is very little clean up from the iSparkFX™ Granules after it has gone though the machine to create the spark effect.

• iSparkFX™ Granule: 200 Gram NET Weight Pouches
• Contents: 80% Zirconium composite alloy powder
• 20% Titanium alloy composite powder
• Indoor Use Safe,
• Non-Flammable,
• Non-Toxic


These granules can be used on most machines that do not require an RFID Card, or that do, but you have extra time on machine and just need granules.

Each pouch of iSparkFX™ Granules comes with 200 Grams which equals about 15 Teaspoons and each teaspoon is approximately 1 min of effect. The means each pouch can create up to 15 minutes of effect. Less is more! Enjoy!

Note: These granules work with iSparkFX™ M1 NO RFID Card Model Spark Machine & Similar Style Models. These will NOT work with iSparkFX™ M2 Full Size, M3 or M4 Mini Models because the RFID card is needed also and this product does not include the RFID CARD. Those can be found here:

iSparkFX™ M2 Full Size Cold Spark Machine Granules: https://www.cryofx.com/isparkfx-cold-spark-machine-granules.html

iSparkFX™ M3 Mini Cold Spark Machine Granules: https://www.cryofx.com/isparkfx-mini-cold-spark-machine-granules.html

iSparkFX™ M4 Mini Cold Spark Machine Granules: https://www.cryofx.com/isparkfx-m4-mini-cold-spark-machine-granules.html


Granules Info

Large can mean 2 things, large pack or large grain size.

Large Pack = 200gram (versus 50gram packs sold with Showven)

Large Grain = Larger grain of granules, larger grains take longer to "glow out" them medium and smaller grain, subsequently. This gives you a higher spark fountain compared to the medium or smaller grains on the same machine with same output activation.


Small can mean 2 things, small pack or small grain size.

Small Pack = 50gram (versus 200gram packs sold on CryoFX®)


Grain Size Explained

Example for demonstration purposes as actual heights depend on many factors:

iSparkFX™ M2 Cold Spark machine used on full power (same setting with each type of grain size below).

Large Grains can travel upward of 15-17 feet

Medium Grains can travel upward of 13-15 feet

Small Grains can travel upward of 12-14 feet


Note: In the event your order requires two grains sizes, you will need to add the product multiple time to the cart wi9th each grain size needed. In the event of a fast turnaround requirement (IE Shipping other than standard or ground), CryoFX®, at their sole discretion, may change the grain size sent as the actual grain size differences have minimal effect, and may also be mixed together with granules or other grain sizes. We elect this option automatically as 90%+ of clients have requested this be done rather than waiting for the correct size to become available again. If you do not want this auto-option, please indicate this in the notes on your order. 

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