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The world famous CryoFX® Handheld Cryo CO2 Gun is by far the most sought after special effects co2 gun in the industry.

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Description / Handheld CO2 Cryo Gun

The World Famous CryoFX® Handheld Co2 Gun PRE-ASSEMBLED, Plug and Play Handheld Cryo CO2 Gun. Comes with hose and fittings and is ready to use in minutes, simply connect to a CO2 tank! This package comes with the following:

Handheld Cryo Gun (CO2 Cannon) with attached 10" inch nozzle and attached quick disconnect fitting.
• CryoFX® very own brand of High Pressure Co2 Hose with attached quick disconnect fitting.
• Brass fitting to connect hose to CO2 Tank (Tank not included)(Co2 Fitting WILL fit your local Co2 tanks)
• Manual, Safety Guidelines, and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

The Handhenld CryoFX® Cryo Co2 Gun, one of CryoFX® best sellers, is the perfect addition to any DJ system or mobile production. Have complete flexibility and maneuverability with CryoFX® Cryo CO2 Gun. Requiring no electricity and weighing only 2.7 pounds (1.2Kg), this CO2 Cryo Gun is extremely lightweight and has the ability to be used almost anywhere.

Add a new element and a huge surprise to any show. Incorporating easy connections and including CryoFX® very own brand of High Pressure Co2 Hose, along with a step by step pictorial user manual, you will be ready to use this CO2 Cryo Gun in minutes, pending you already have CO2. Measuring only 20 inches (50.8cm) by 9 inches (22.86cm), CryoFX® CO2 Gun is small in size which makes it easy to carry.

CryoFX® CO2 Cryo Gun has the capability to spray CO2 clouds 25-35 feet (7-10 meters) or more. With options available such as; Custom nozzle colors, custom hose lengths, custom nozzle lengths and nozzle widths, and much more, that unique touch for your CO2 Special Effects Gun is just fingertips away. Simply call or email us for your custom order! Comes with limited lifetime manufacture warranty!

Hose length is customizable. If you desire a custom length hose or have any questions, please contact us:


Pauly D using a Handheld CO2 Cryo Smoke Special Effects Gun


Presenting the Cryo Gun, an exceptional device by CryoFX that produces mesmerising cryogenic effects! Using the power of liquid carbon dioxide (CO2), this handheld device has become a popular choice for event planners, DJs, and party organisers looking to elevate the atmosphere and captivate their audiences. If you, too, want to bring an exhilarating burst of excitement to your upcoming event or party, Cryo guns are exactly what you need.


The Versatile Cryo Gun- Applications Across Industries

From the pulsating beats of headline DJ sets to the charismatic scenes in blockbuster movies, the Cryo Gun has been used across diverse industries. It has earned its reputation as the cryogenic effects device of choice for the elite. 

Used by headline DJs, movie special effects professionals, celebrities, and the most renowned nightclubs and events globally, it has become a symbol of innovation and excellence in the world of special effects.

Its adaptability and effectiveness make it the go-to choice for professionals who want to elevate their performances and events with stunning cryogenic effects. 

Besides the world of entertainment, Cryo Guns have applications in a variety of industries. From product launches and corporate events to fashion shows and sporting events, the Cryo Gun's versatility enables it to adapt to different environments and themes. Its ability to instantly transform the atmosphere makes it a valuable tool for event planners to create a lasting impression.


An Inclusive Package- What You Get with Cryo Gun Purchase

With each Cryo Gun purchase, CryoFX offers an extensive package to ensure users have everything they need. This includes the CryoFX's Signature Brand High-Pressure Hose (available up to 60 feet), carefully selected fittings, a CO2 fitting, and a comprehensive Operation Manual. This all-inclusive package is a part of our objective to provide our users with efficient tools with smooth integration.


Plug-and-Play- Convenient to use

One standout feature of the Cryo Gun is its plug-and-play ability. You do not need any complex electrical setups or intricate assemblies- within minutes, you can set up the Cryo Gun and show the audience a mesmerising display. Made from lightweight yet durable American components, the CO2 cryo gun is easy to assemble and operate. Made with high-grade materials, this cryo gun has long-lasting, durable coatings. The easy installation and lightweight design make it a breeze to use. Within seconds, it will cool the dance floor or captivate your crowd, making for a perfect party temperature. Experience the thrill of spraying and cooling your friends with our handheld CO2 Cryo special effect gun!

For added convenience to understand the features and operate the Cryo Gun we also provide you with the operation manual.


Cryo CO2 Gun Special Effects- How it works

The most exceptional feature of the Cryo Gun is its ability to create captivating CO2 special effects. When activated, the CO2 cryo special effects jet releases a powerful stream of cryogenic fog that adds a dramatic and visually stunning element to any event. 

This cloud of vapor, created by the rapid expansion of liquid CO2, provides a theatrical and immersive experience that enhances the overall ambiance.

The smoke display is truly impressive, particularly when paired with lasers or LEDs. However, the fog disperses rapidly, leaving no lingering haze or residue. Additionally, upon contact with the skin, it gives a refreshing cooling sensation. A single squeeze of the trigger is sufficient to release a powerful CO2 blast that can reach up to 20 feet, making the Cryo Gun a delightful and secure choice for both indoor and outdoor events.

Want to explore more possibilities for taking your event to the next level? We also offer CO2 Cannon Guns that are designed for stage productions, concerts, and larger venues where a more extensive reach is required. The CO2 Cannon gun releases powerful jets of cryogenic fog, creating a breathtaking visual display that can reach considerable distances. 


Get the CO2 Cryo Gun for a Party or Event Today

The Cryo Gun has become a must-have accessory for parties, concerts, or an event where creating a memorable experience is important for the success of the event.

DJs and performers use the Cryo Gun to accentuate specific moments in their sets, surprising and delighting the audience with bursts of chilling fog that complement the beat of the music. Whether it is a nightclub, music festival, or private celebration, the Cryo Gun has the remarkable ability to turn an ordinary event into an extraordinary spectacle.

The cryo gun price is reasonably affordable, making it accessible to a wide range of event organisers and professionals, but if you require it for occasional use or one-time use only, we also offer the flexibility of renting the equipment.

Place your orders today or contact us in case of queries!

More Information

Weight (kgs) 1.2
Model Handheld CO2 Gun for Smoke Special Effects
Length 20 inches (50.8cm)
Height 9 Inches (22.86cm)
Width 2 inches (5.08cm)
Size and Type No
Linkable No
Power No
Range of Motion No
Tank Height No
Tank Width No
Tank Weight No
Tank Material No
Tank Color No
Tank Style No
Tank Capacity No
Tank Valve Outlet Orientation No
Temperature Rating No
LED Count No
LED Color No
LED Wattage No
Reach 25'-35' feet (7.6-10.6 meters)
Nozzle Material Metal
Pressure Rating Up to 1100 psi (75.84 bar)
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Warranty (Tank) No
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Hose Length Pre-Selected or Custom Lengths available
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