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The Showven Sparkular

Do you desire a spectacular experience of an indoor’ fireworks display? The Showven Sparkular machine is a safe-to-use spark-emitting machine that produces cold sparks with zero possibility of catching fire. This machine will help you safely achieve your desired special effects.


What Is the Showven Sparkular?

The Showven Sparkular machine is a revolutionary new product that has completely reimagined the way people create special effects for events. It is a unique and innovative machine that produces a spectacular display of sparks, flames, and smoke in the air. The machine is designed to be used in any indoor or outdoor setting, making it perfect for parties, concerts, festivals, and other special events.

The Showven Sparkular machine works by using a combination of compressed air and electricity to create an impressive display of sparks, flames, and smoke. The machine is equipped with an adjustable nozzle that allows users to control the size and shape of the sparks they produce. This makes it easy to customize the effect for any event or occasion. Additionally, the machine can be programmed to produce different colors of sparks as well as different shapes and sizes.

The Showven Sparkular machine is also incredibly safe to use. It has been designed with safety features such as an automatic shut-off system that will turn off the machine if it detects any potential danger or malfunctioning parts. Additionally, all components are made from non-flammable materials so there is no risk of fire or explosions when using this device.

Overall, the Showven Sparkular machine is an amazing product that can add a unique touch to any event or occasion. It provides users with an impressive display of sparks, flames, and smoke in the air without having to worry about safety concerns or complicated setup procedures. With its adjustable nozzle and customizable settings, this device can easily be tailored to fit any event’s needs while providing a truly spectacular show for guests to enjoy!

Sparkular Machine by Showven


Who Are the Suppliers of the Showven Sparkular Machine?

The Showven Sparkular Machine is becoming increasingly popular for use in events and parties, as it provides an exciting and unique way to add some extra sparkle to the occasion.

The suppliers of the Showven Sparkular Machine are Showven Technology Co., Ltd. This company is based in China and specializes in the production of special effects equipment for events and parties. They have been producing high-quality products since 2009, and their products are used by many event planners around the world.

Showven Technology Co., Ltd. produces all of the components necessary for the Showven Sparkular Machine, including the spark generator, control system, power supply, and other accessories. They also provide technical support for customers who purchase their products, ensuring that they get the most out of their purchase. 

Sparktacular is Showven Sparkular's distributor and brand based in the United States of America. They specialize in providing high-quality, innovative products to the entertainment industry. They offer a wide range of products, from pyrotechnics to special effects, and they are committed to providing the best customer service possible. Sparktacular has been working with Showven Sparkular for many years and is proud to be their exclusive distributor in the United States. They are dedicated to helping customers create amazing experiences with their products and services.

In addition to Showven Technology Co., Ltd., CryoFX IS a global manufacturer, distributor, and dealer of CO2 special effects products for rent and for sale. They also rent and sell the Sparkular and other cold spark machines, such as the iSparkFX cold spark machine. The iSparkFX despite its abilities and improvements from the traditional sparks emitting machines, is very affordable both for rent and for sale. We work together with Sparktacular to ensure that customers get a high-quality product that meets their needs, allowing them to create an impressive display of light and color at any event or party they attend.


How Does the Showven Sparkular work?

The Shoven Sparkular is a special type of spark machine that uses a combination of compressed air and electricity to create a spark effect. It works by using an electric motor to compress air in a chamber, which is then released through a nozzle. This creates an electrical arc between two electrodes, which produces the spark effect. The Sparkular also has adjustable settings that allow users to control the size and intensity of the sparks. The sparks can be used for special effects in movies, concerts, and other events.

The Showven Sparkular allows its users to control the sparks’ volume, timing, and the height at which they rise when fired. One can also customize how they want the sparks to appear. So much power and control are in the hands of the user, unlike the traditional machines which could overheat and were not programmable.

Both Sparkular China and Sparkular USA are fitted with a card that has a time limit on it. This card uses one pack of powder/granules. The powder makeup for this machine includes magnesium, titanium, and zirconium. The Sparkular has a heating element fan that blows the granules, they get heated, then light and create a spark as they fly upwards, emulating a shooting star until they burn out. When the card runs out of time, about ten-fifteen minutes of firing, which is the same time the pack of granules gets exhausted, both the card and the pack will have to be replaced in order to have the machine work again.

This is a disadvantage, as it seems tedious to the users. The disadvantage of having to replace the card and the pack of granules after a certain amount of time is that it can be inconvenient and time-consuming for users. It can also be costly, as users will need to purchase new cards and packs of granules each time they need to use the machine. Additionally, it can be difficult to keep track of when the card and pack need to be replaced, which can lead to unexpected downtime or disruption in service.

In contrast, the iSparkFX cold spark machine offered by CryoFX is a different version. Instead of using this card which has to be replaced after about 10 minutes of firing, iSparkFX has an on and off button. Therefore, there is no need to stop the shots to replace the packs/cards. Additionally, the iSparkFX cold spark machine is much more efficient and cost-effective than the traditional spark machines. It uses a patented technology that allows it to produce up to 10 times more sparks than traditional spark machines. Furthermore, it is also much quieter and produces less smoke, making it ideal for indoor events. Additionally, the iSparkFX cold spark machine is very easy to use and requires minimal maintenance.

Uses of the Showven Sparkular machine

The cold spark fountain display machine has been adopted in several events for its special effects. See below for your choices and action:

Social Events

The Sparkular machine for rent and Sparkular for sale is used during wedding ceremonies and reception when the newlyweds are making a grand memorable entry.

Marketing Events

Buy a Sparkular machine for your launch of a new product in the market. This has been evident during auto-revealing. The use of the Showven Sparkular machine to achieve the fireworks effect during such occasions for marketing purposes will create a good first impression to your target market and appeal to the audience.

Movies and Films

The Showven Sparkular is used to emit sparks from rockets as well as other fire-releasing props in theatres during plays. As well as creating special effects on movie sets.

Concerts and Nightclubs

During concerts, the cold spark machine creates fireworks effects that hype the crowd. DJs in nightclubs and dancers are also users of this machine during their live performances to appeal to and involve the crowd.


How Safe Is the Showven Sparkular Machine?

Your safety and that of your audience should be your first priority. The iSparkFX machine does not catch fire. Its fountain system allows for the safe creation of sparks effects by the emission of cold sparks.

The Sparktacular is safe to use in any environment since its sparks are not flammable i.e. the sparks produced by the cold sparks machine do not catch fire.

It is easier to control the operations of the Showven Sparkular since it consists of inbuilt safety protocols.

The Showven Sparkular’s smoke output is very low. It does not use chemicals to fuel it but uses powder/ granules which are not hazardous.

The cold fireworks machine does not need to be set up in seclusion. It can be used in any kind of environment, indoors and outdoors for whatever production. With iSparkFX by CryoFX, your safety and value for your money are guaranteed.

The technological improvements have made it possible to experience a spectacular display of fireworks effects while at the same time being in control of the machine. All this is possible while at the same time guaranteeing your safety and that of your audience.

In Conclusion

The Showven Sparkular is an innovative and revolutionary product that has revolutionized the way we think about special effects. It is a safe, easy-to-use, and cost-effective way to create stunning visual effects for any event. With its wide range of features and capabilities, it is sure to be a hit with event planners and entertainers alike. The Showven Sparkular is a great addition to any event and will help make it truly memorable.

The iSparkFX offers a wide range of features that make it the perfect choice for any event. It has a powerful motor that can produce up to 10,000 sparks per minute, making it ideal for large-scale events. It also has an adjustable speed control and a built-in timer, allowing you to customize the effects to your exact specifications. Additionally, the iSparkFX is easy to set up and use, making it a great choice for those who are new to pyrotechnics. With its impressive features and ease of use, the iSparkFX is definitely the way to go when looking for an effective spark machine.

You no longer have to compromise your safety and that of your crowd. Your events do not have to be plain and boring. You have an option of spicing up performances, and appearances to appeal to your audience and to have them involved in the whole process. Buy Showven Sparkular or buy iSparkFX? You must decide.




Showven Sparkular: The Ultimate Pyrotechnic Alternative for Events, Weddings, and Stage Shows

Pyrotechnics have been a staple in events, weddings, and stage shows for decades. They add an extra layer of excitement and spectacle to any performance or celebration. However, they come with several downsides. They are expensive, can be dangerous, and require specialized permits and licenses. This is where Showven Sparkular comes in as a safe, cost-effective, and stunning alternative to traditional pyrotechnics.


Another advantage of sparkular machine rental is that they are relatively easy to set up and operate. They may require permits to operate by a licensed pyrotechnic operator, however this will depend on the jurisdiction you are using them in, so do check with the local "Authority Having Jurisdiction" (IE AHJ) of the area you want to use them in.


What is Showven Sparkular?

Showven Sparkular is a revolutionary special effect machine that produces beautiful and safe spark effects without the use of any pyrotechnic materials. It uses a patented technology that combines electrical signals and specially designed granules to create a pyrotechnic-like effect. Showven Sparkular machines are designed to replace traditional pyrotechnic systems, providing a safer and more cost-effective alternative.


Showven Sparkular Effect

The Showven Sparkular effect is a mesmerizing display of sparks that can reach up to 5 meters in height. It can be customized to fit any event or show, providing a wide range of color options and patterns. The effect can be controlled using DMX, allowing for precise timing and synchronization with music or other effects. The result is a stunning visual display that can leave audiences in awe.


Showven Sparkular DMX Control

DMX control allows for the precise control of the Showven Sparkular effect. The DMX signal can be used to adjust the height, duration, and intensity of the spark effect. It can also be used to synchronize the effect with music or other visual effects, creating a cohesive and immersive experience for the audience. The DMX control system is easy to use, making it accessible to anyone, regardless of their technical expertise.


Showven Sparkular for Events

Showven Sparkular is perfect for events of all types, from corporate events and product launches to music festivals and sporting events. It adds an extra layer of excitement and spectacle to any event, providing a memorable experience for attendees. It is also a safe and cost-effective alternative to traditional pyrotechnics, making it ideal for events where safety is a top priority.


Showven Sparkular for Weddings

Weddings are an excellent opportunity to use Showven Sparkular. It can be used during the grand entrance, first dance, or any other special moment during the reception. It adds an extra layer of magic and romance to the event, providing a memorable experience for the newlyweds and their guests. It is also a safe alternative to traditional pyrotechnics, ensuring that the event is both memorable and safe.


Showven Sparkular for Stage Shows

Showven Sparkular is an excellent addition to any stage show, from theater productions to music concerts. It adds an extra layer of excitement and spectacle to the performance, enhancing the overall experience for the audience. It is also a safe and cost-effective alternative to traditional pyrotechnics, making it ideal for venues that do not permit pyrotechnics.


Showven Sparkular Rental

Showven Sparkular rental is a cost-effective option for those who do not want to purchase the machine outright. Rental companies offer a range of rental options, from single-day rentals to long-term rentals. The rental price varies depending on the duration of the rental and the number of machines required.


Showven Sparkular Price

The Showven Sparkular price varies depending on the model and the retailer. However, it is generally more affordable than traditional pyrotechnic systems. The price range for a single machine can range from $1000 to $5000. However, purchasing multiple machines or opting for a rental can lower the overall cost.