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The Sparkular machine rental

Do you long for a unique and breathtaking experience of indoors’ fireworks display that will add more fun to your events and production and involve your audience? The sparkular machine rental will serve you right. This is a safe to use cold fireworks machine that emits cold sparks with zero possibility of catching fire. This machine will help you to safely achieve your desired special effects.

Where can you get a sparkular machine for rent?

This modern cold fireworks machine was first developed by Showven Technology, a company that is based in China. In order to increase its market base, it searched for a distributor of its products. Sparktacular distribution Inc. located in Florida USA is Showven Sparkular’s official distributor and brand.

CryoFX, a global leading distributor and dealer of CO2 special effects products for rent and for sale offers a better and most preferred type of sparkular machine referred to as the iSparkFX. CryoFX offers both Sparkular machine rental and sparkular machine for sale services to its clients.

The CryoFX Sparkular, iSpark-FX, despite its abilities and advancements of the setbacks of the traditional sparks emitting machines, is very affordable both for rent and for sale.

Sparkular Machine by Showven

How does the sparkular machine work?

The sparkular machine rental is fitted with a card that has a time limit on it. This card uses one pack of granules which is an alloy of metals. The powder make-up for this machine includes titanium and zirconium.

The sparkular machine rental has a heating element fan that blows the granules. When they get heated, they light and create a spark as they fly upwards, just like a shooting star until they burn out and go off.

When the card runs out of time, which is the same time the pack of granules gets exhausted, both the card and the pack will have to be replaced in order to have the machine work again.

This is a disadvantage as it seems tedious to the users and the sparks special effects are interrupted.

CryoFX’s iSparkFX sparkular machine rental is an improved version as it covers all these loopholes and overcomes the setbacks of its predecessors. Instead of using this card which has to be replaced after about 10 minutes of firing, iSpark-FX has an on and off button. Therefore, there is no need of stopping the effects to replace the packs or cards.

The sparks produced are cold and they do not catch fire therefore, the machine is convenient for both indoors and outdoors events.

The sparkular machine rental allows its users to control the sparks’ volume, timing and the height at which they rise when fired. The users of Sparkular machine rental program can also customize how they want the sparks to appear in terms of intensity.

When are the Sparkular machines used?

The cold spark fountain display machine has gained popularity in several events for its special effects as discussed below.

  • Social events

The sparkular machine rental is used in wedding ceremonies and receptions when the couples are making a grand entry.

  • Marketing events.

.The use of the Showven sparkular machine to achieve the special effects during marketing events for marketing purposes creates a good first impression to the targeted audience and appeal to the market.

  • Movies and films.

The Showven sparkular is used to emit sparks from rockets as well as other fire releasing props in theatres during plays and also to create special effects on movie sets.

  • Concerts and night clubs.

During concerts, the sparkular machine rental creates fireworks effects that get the crowd involved. Djs in night clubs and dancers also use of this machine during their live performances with an aim of appealing the crowd.

The safety of the Sparkular machine

Your safety and that of your audience should always be your first priority. The iSpark-FX machine does not overheat and the sparks produced do not catch fire. Its fountain system allows for the safe creation of sparks effects by emission of cold sparks.

By use of granules, the sparkular machine for rent and sparkular machine for sale is able to eliminate the threats and dangers of gun powder experienced in traditional fireworks machines.

It is easier to control the operations of the sparkular since it consists of inbuilt safety protocols. The iSpark FX has an on and off button granting the user full control of the machine.

The Sparkular machine rental does not need to be set up in seclusion. It can be used in any kind of environment, either indoors and outdoors. With iSpark-FX by CryoFX, your safety and value for your money is guaranteed as well as environmental safety due to the low smoke output.

The recent technological advancements have made it possible to experience a spectacular display of fireworks effects while at the same time being in control of the machine.

In conclusion, you no longer have to compromise anyone’s safety. Get your audience involved. Buy Sparkular.