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Sparkular USA

The Sparkular USA is a cold fireworks machine that was developed by a China based company known as Showven Technologies electronic Liuyang. This is an international manufacturer of high-end stage special effects products.

Showven then searched for a distributor of its Sparkular in the United States of America. It finally settled for Sparktacular distribution Inc. in Florida.

This machine is used to achieve spectacular effects of fireworks in wedding, concerts, marketing events, movie sets and films.

It is important to keep in mind that most fireworks machines can pose a threat to you and your audience. The Sparkular USA produces cold sparks which do not catch fire. Unlike the traditional sparks machine, Sparkular USA is suitable for both indoors and outdoor events.

The Suppliers of the cold fireworks machine

The Sparkular USA has its distributor in the United States of America. Sparktacular distribution Inc refers to this machine as the Sparktacular. This has been adopted as the Sparkular USA brand name. Other people refer to the machine as the Showven Sparkular, sparkular machine, cold spark machine, cold fireworks machine etc.

CryoFX offers both the Sparkular and the same type of cold spark machine but with similar technology and functionality at a more affordable price. CryoFX itself offers the Sparkular machine, and the other machine also offered is referred to as the iSparkFX. It is environmental friendly; it eliminates the dangers of gunpowder since it uses granules, which are an alloy of three metals, zirconium, magnesium, and titanium. The sparks produced by this machine are also nonflammable. It is safe for the audience to pass through the sparks.

CryoFX offers its sparkular machine and iSparkFX for both rental services as well as for sale.

Unlike the various companies that sell the Sparktacular machine in the USA, CryoFX offers comparatively similar machine from iSparkFX.com.

The Sparkular USA operates with a card which works with a 200 grams pack of granules. When the card runs out, which is basically the same time the granules run out, the user has to replace the pack so that the machine can be operational again. This is a huge set back that causes disruptions in the operation of the machine. These granules are heated, they then rise up like shooting stars and produce sparks which are inflammable until they burn out.

The iSparkFX has a different technology than the Sparkular USA. It does not use the card. Instead, it has an on and off button which the user can use to switch the machine on and off. The hustle of changing the packs of granules is completely solved.

Sparkular Machine by Showven

The price of the Sparkular USA

Despite its great ability and outrageous functionality, the Sparkular USA is sold at an affordable price. One can opt to buy the unit as a whole or buy parts of the machine.

The Sparkular USA is sold at $2,400 for the single unit.

CryoFX’s price on sparkular is around the same. And the iSparkFX machine is offered at $1,549. This machine targeted at people who want to experience quality functionality and improved technology while at the same time saving some money. This machine is offered at a better rate of $1,549 for sale and $250 per day in case you decide to rent the units.

Despite what people say, CryoFX’s has mentioned the special effects spark machine, iSparkFX, is the comparable cold spark machine on the market.

Uses of the Sparkular USA

The Sparkular USA is used in several industries as follows:

  • Marketing events.

When introducing a new product in the market, the sparks effects come in handy in the launch, especially for automobiles. This will attract a lot of people in the market and create a good

  • Social events.

The Sparkular is used in weddings ceremonies and reception. It come in handy when the couple are making a grand entry.

  • Movies and films production

The Sparkular USA is used to emit sparks from rockets and other fire releasing props in theatres and to create special effects on movie sets.

  • Concerts and night club

The Sparkular USA is used in concerts when artists are having their live performances. The same is used by DJ in night clubs. The Sparkular USA produces spectacular effects of sparks that contribute a lot to a hyped audience.


Despite its improvements, CryoFX sells the best sparkular in the market at the best prices both for rent and sale. It is important to note the number of units you will require for your desired special effect. Whether choosing Sparkular or iSparkFX, you are guaranteed of value for your money, no health hazard, 100% control of the units and many more. Since its sparks are not flammable, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor event.

However, always remember to keep a safe distance between the machine and the audience.

Buying Sparkular USA or iSparkFX cold spark machine, your events will never be the same again. You will make better first impression and your crowd will be psyche up.