Co2 Cryo Accessories

Accessories offered by CryoFX® ensure that you don’t have to look elsewhere for any additions or items, which may need to be replenished, such as Co2 Washers. Whether a Co2 Tank Splitter, a Co2 Tank Tool, or additional options for adding more jets to one tank or more tanks to one jet, CryoFX® accessories will have you covered.



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  1. CO2 Backpack

    This is the CO2 Cylinder Backpack which allows you to go mobile with your CryoFX CO2 Cannon, Cryo Gun, or CO2 Bazooka. Designed to hold an Aluminum 10 or 20 lb Co2 Cylinder, this Co2 Backpack allows you to go anywhere without limitations...and without tripping over a Co2 Hose!

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