Captain Morgan Custom Co2 Cannon

Captain Morgan Custom Co2 Cannon

CryoFX® Custom Co2 Cannon was used with Captain Morgans 1 year tour across the USA and Canada. This custom cannon featured the outside casing resembling an actual cannon while also infusing scented small into the Co2 output for the release of the new Pinapple scented Rum.

CryoFX® was contacted for expertise in direction while meeting specific demands in the parameters given for achieved look.

More info to be added with pictures soon.


August 2015
Date: August 19, 2015
Client: Captain Morgan
Project: Captain Morgan Custom Co2 Cannon
Industry: Live Entertainment, Branding,
Duration: 1 Year
Location: San Diego, CA & Nationally
Categories: Custom Products
Commissioned: August 2015
Scope of Work: Concept, Design, Build, Research & Development,