Commercial Diaper Manufacturer R & D

Commercial Diaper Manufacturer R & D

CryoFX® completed in house testing on multiple, and various styles, of nozzles (most redacted for NDA purposes) to show output for a desired direction for the client. The co2 stream was used to freeze layers of the diaper for specifice testing the client conducts in house. Multiple nozzles were tested under video surveillance and a full report with commentary and media supplied to client for review at each phase of the project.

CryoFX® was contacted for expertise in direction while meeting specific demands in the parameters given for achieved look.

More info to be added with pictures soon.


July 2016
Date: July 19, 2016
Client: Domtar
Project: Commercial Diaper Manufacturer R & D
Industry: Commercial Products, Research & Development,
Duration: 1 Week
Location: San Diego, CA (CryoFX RnD Facility)
Categories: Custom Products
Commissioned: July 2016
Scope of Work: Consult, Design, Test, RnD,