Iowa State Co2 Effect Football Entrance

Iowa State Co2 Effect Football Entrance

CryoFX® Custom Co2 System was used to place on both side of the hallway for the football team to run through the "Co2 Smoke" at the beginning of the game.

This project consisted of designing a custom application unique to the stadium and clients requests, then shipping the system with setup instructions to the client to install on their side in house.

CryoFX® was contacted for expertise in direction while meeting specific demands in the parameters given for achieved look.

More info to be added with pictures soon.


August 2016
Date: August 26, 2016
Client: Iowa State College
Project: Iowa State Co2 Effect Football Entrance
Industry: College Sports
Duration: 1 Week
Location: Iowa
Categories: Custom Products
Commissioned: August 2016
Scope of Work: Concept, Design, Build,