Las Vegas Day Club (TAO Beach)

Las Vegas Day Club (TAO Beach)

CryoFX® was contacted for a Design-Build relationship with construction contractor as well as the venue owner and operator. Special effects include water cannons, co2 jets, co2 cannons, custom control panel, and fog machines with custom enclosures to allow operation in outdoor weather.

CryoFX® was contacted for expertise in direction while meeting specific demands in the parameters given for achieved look.

More info to be added with pictures soon.


April 1, 2022
Date: November 01, 2021
Client: Tao Beach
Project: Las Vegas Day Club (Tao Beach)
Industry: Live Entertainment
Duration: 5 Months
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Categories: Custom Systems
Commissioned: April 1, 2022
Scope of Work: Concept, Design, Build, Install, Consult, Gas Delivery,