CryoFX® specializes in frozen liquid Co2 special effects equipment manufacturing and distribution for events, performers, theme parks, and many more. Our Co2 special effects products range from simple cryo guns & dual nozzle DMX Co2 jets all the way up to complete designed customized co2 systems. In between is a unique and professional selection of Co2 special effects for your next event. Our products include handheld jets and mounted jets, Co2 tanks, hoses, and accessories. Many of our products are customizable to suit your style and add a personal flair to your Co2 jet.


SiteLock    CryoFX® offers Lifetime Warranty on all CO2 FX Products and Equipment

  • 20lb Co2 Tank (Non Siphon)
  • 20lb Co2 Tank (Siphon Tube)
  • 35lb Co2 Tank (Siphon Tube)
  • 50lb Co2 Tank (Siphon Tube)
  •  Co2 Tank Splitter (2-Way)
  •  Co2 Tank Splitter (3-Way)
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  • 4 Co2 Tank to 1 Jet Setup
  • 4 Co2 Tank to 2 Jet Setup
  • 75lb Co2 Tank (Siphon Tube)
  • 100lb Co2 Tank (Siphon)
  • 135lb Co2 Tank (Siphon)