CryoFX® specializes in frozen liquid Co2 special effects equipment manufacturing and distribution for events, performers, theme parks, and many more. Our Co2 special effects products range from simple cryo guns & dual nozzle DMX Co2 jets all the way up to complete designed customized co2 systems. In between is a unique and professional selection of Co2 special effects for your next event. Our products include handheld jets and mounted jets, Co2 tanks, hoses, and accessories. Many of our products are customizable to suit your style and add a personal flair to your Co2 jet.


SiteLock    CryoFX® offers Lifetime Warranty on all CO2 FX Products and Equipment

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  1. Cryo Gun NEON Series

    If you want a flashy Cryo Gun in your favorite color, CryoFX NEON Cryo Guns are sure to get you all the attention you've been wanting. Featuring one of a kind BRIGHT NEON colored nozzles, there is no way to go wrong with your choice of 8 different vibrant colors, some of which react to UV Light (Black Lights)!

        CryoFX® offers Lifetime Warranty on all CO2 FX Products and Equipment

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  2. Cryo Cannon

    CryoFX Cryo Cannon for Events, Festivals, and DJ's is the next step up from a handheld cryo gun! Its large size, and light weight, makes for a bolder impression! Featuring two handles for extra stability and a durable metal casing, this Cryo Cannon will certainly put on a great show.

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  3. Cryo Bazooka

    CryoFX Cryo Bazooka is one of the largest of its kind, and one of the most powerful at that, due in part by requiring power (110 or 220vac available) to project the Co2 clouds. Its chrome polished metal casing and very large size will grab attention of anyone in the area.

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  4. Dual Nozzle Cryo Gun

    One step up from CryoFX Cryo Gun, the Dual Nozzle Cryo Gun is a beast in disguise. With the ability to spray two streams of Co2 simultaneously, you will definitely cover an area with Co2 clouds twice as fast as with a standard cryo gun.

        CryoFX® offers Lifetime Warranty on all CO2 FX Products and Equipment

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  5. Cryo Gun + 35 lb Co2 Tank
    If your looking for a complete handheld Cryo setup with a slightly larger tank, the CryoFX Cryo Gun Pack T35 is for you! This package comes with everything needed for immediate usage (except Co2). Includes the industry famous CryoFX Handheld Cryo Gun, CryoFX Brand Co2 Hose and lightweight CryoFX Brand 35lb Aluminum Co2 Tank!

        CryoFX® offers Lifetime Warranty on all CO2 FX Products and Equipment

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  6. CO2 Backpack

    This is the CO2 Cylinder Backpack which allows you to go mobile with your CryoFX CO2 Cannon, Cryo Gun, or CO2 Bazooka. Designed to hold an Aluminum 10 or 20 lb Co2 Cylinder, this Co2 Backpack allows you to go anywhere without limitations...and without tripping over a Co2 Hose!

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  7. Dual Nozzle CO2 Jet DMX

    CryoFX Dual Nozzle Co2 Jet gives you not one, but two full streams of Co2, and at different angles at that! You control the angles of the nozzles so each stream shoots in a direction of its own. The Dual Nozzle Co2 Jet is the next best thing to having two separate Co2 Jets.

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  8. CO2 LED Jet Switchable

    CryoFX CO2 LED Jet Switchable is guaranteed to "brighten" up any event. Taking the standard LED Jet and incorporating 7 channels of DMX to allow dimming, strobing, color changing, sound activation and much more! It's the best of both worlds... DMX Controlled LED Light and Co2 Jet all-in-one.

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  9. CO2 LED Jet

    Looking for something to really Aaaah your crowd? The CryoFX Co2 LED Jet will do just that! Simple design and ease of use, this 2 Channel DMX Controlled Co2 Jet offers 7 pre-set colors which light up the Co2 as it leaves the cryo jet. The CryoFX LED Co2 Jet is one of the most sought after items available!

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  10. CO2 Swing Jet

    The CryoFX Swing Co2 Jet is the perfect Cryo Jet if your looking to control where the Co2 Jet stream is going to spray without pre-positioning the nozzle. Movement up to 180 degrees and controlled by 2 Channels of DMX, the Co2 Swing Jet is not only easy to use, but durable and useful for all types of occasions!

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  11. CO2 Jet DMX Adjustable

    CryoFX Co2 Jet DMX Adjustable remains industry standard when referring to Mounted CO2 Jets. Its simple design and ease of use allows for both DMX and Standard Power on/off capabilities. This is by far the most versatile and most sought after unit on the market. From Clubs to Concerts, Private Parties to Festivals, the CryoFX Co2 Jet DMX Switchable will get the job done.

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  12. Cryo LED Gun
    CryoFX CO2 Cryo LED Gun is by far the most sought after Cryo Gun in the industry. Currently in the hands of over 30 of the worlds top 100 DJs and having made appearances in Movies, Music Videos, Live Touring Performances, and Special Effects Worldwide, the CryoFX Cryo LED Gun is a symbolic icon around the globe.

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