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Theatrical Smoke and Fog Special Effect also known as CO2 Special Effects Smoke, Going Mainstream

Extremely popular in Clubs, Tours, Theaters, and Theme Parks; CO2 Cryo Jets are a staple product in the world of special effects. These products use liquid CO2 or Nitrogen to cryogenically create “frozen fog” that immediately dissipates. Now everyone can bring that same special effects to their own party or event.

What is Theatrical Smoke and Fog Special Effects?


Ever wondered how theaters, nightclubs, Concert Tours, Theme Parks make those smoke special effects shoot out at their events?

Theatrical smoke and fog, also known as special effect smoke, fog or haze, is a category of atmospheric effects used in the entertainment industry. Additionally, the use of fog can be found throughout motion picture and television productions, live theater, concerts, at nightclubs and raves, amusement and theme parks and even in video arcades and similar venues. Also, we use these atmospheric effects for creating special effects. We also use them to make lighting and lighting effects visible; and to create a specific sense of mood or atmosphere. Though, if an individual is at an entertainment venue and beams of light are visible cutting across the room, that most likely means smoke or fog is being used.

Theatrical smoke and fog are indispensable in creating visible mid-air laser effects to entertain audiences. Recently smaller, cheaper fog machines have become available to the general public, and fog effects are becoming more common in residential applications, from small house parties to Halloween and Christmas.


Theatrical Smoke and Theatrical Fog Machines

Theatrical fog and theatrical fog machines are also becoming more prevalent in industrial applications outside of the entertainment industry, due to their ease of use, inherent portability and ruggedness. Common popular applications for theatrical fog in include environmental testing, such as HVAC inspections, as well as emergency personnel and disaster response training exercises.

CO2 Special Effect Cannon Color Smoke Jets

Furthermore, Liquid carbon dioxide (CO2), stored in compressed cylinders, is used in conjunction with theatrical fog machines to produce “low lying” fog effects. Also, when liquid CO2 is used to chill theatrical fog, the result is a thick fog that stays within a few feet of the ground. As the fog warms, or is agitated, it rises and dissipates. In addition, several manufacturers of theatrical fog fluid have developed specially formulated mixtures specifically designed to be used with CO2, intended to provide thicker, more consistent fog effects. Also, the effect duration is determined by the heating cycle of the theatrical fog machine and consumption rate of liquid CO2.

Carbon dioxide can also be used as an atmospheric effect on its own. When liquid CO2 is released into the air, typically through an electric solenoid valve to control timing and duration, the carbon dioxide liquid expands to a vapour and condenses the moisture in the air, creating large billowing plumes. When the solenoid valve is closed, the CO2 vapor rapidly disperses in the air, ending the effect nearly instantaneously. This effect can be used for a variety of applications, including simulating geysers of steam, in place of pyrotechnics, or to create an instant opaque wall for a reveal or disappearance during magic acts.

CryoFX® Products Allow Anyone to  enjoy the CO2 Special Effects Smoke 


CO2 Special Effects Cannon Jets for Stages

Companies such as CryoFX® are leaders and experts in all things CO2 Special Effects and are innovators; bringing innovative CO2 Smoke Products to market so everyday customers can have a chance to enjoy the same smoke effects used by the entertainment industry.  CryoFX special Effects CO2 Products are easy to install and more importantly easy to use. Also, you do not need expensive permits like pyrotechnics.  Cool and Awe your crowd at your next event or party.







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